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Complete IT Support

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Reliable, Comprehensive Tech Support for Growing Businesses

Downtime is a profit killer, but our comprehensive IT support will minimize it. At DatCom, LLC, we recognize that in order to maximize profitability, your company’s IT has to be online all the time. And nothing is worse than being hit with unexpected charges. That’s why we provide complete IT support to small and midsized businesses for an affordable, monthly rate based on the hardware you have in place. Take advantage of optimal uptime and experience for yourself the benefits that DatCom, LLC’s managed IT and computer repair services provide businesses like yours.


Timely Computer Hardware Support

Know when to fix and when to upgrade. We provide honest answers!

Your computers will fail, but you don’t have to feel like you’re being scammed by tech support frauds. You know that through wear and tear, any system’s internal components will eventually break down, leaving you to pick up the pieces. You’ll want support that respects your time and budget. Fortunately, managed IT service means easier technology decisions for you. DatCom, LLC possesses the expertise to provide a thorough analysis of almost any piece of computing hardware or accessory. Our ability to root out problems and implement the friendliest solutions for your bottom line sets us apart from the competition. With our fast and accurate analysis, we are able to fix or replace defective hardware and restore your operations again quickly, limiting downtime.


Software Licensing and Management

Support your staff with the up-to-date software they need for fluid operations.

In the digital age, software drives business. There’s a software solution for streamlining everything your office does. Your employees should feel like they always have the right software for a task. Spare them the anxiety of free trials and unlicensed versions so they can get things done. In order to keep running, their software needs to be fully licensed and up-to-date. At DatCom, LLC, we handle software licensing to ensure your company’s software is ready to go. We also aim to get you the best deals on the right number of software licenses for your organization to keep you from redundant expenses.


DatCom, LLC’s Help Desk

Your company’s personal IT hotline!

IT problems surprise us at the most inconvenient times, and they reduce productivity. This is especially true if the problem exceeds the knowledge of even your most tech-savvy people. To remedy this, DatCom, LLC offers Help Desk Support as an optional part of our Comprehensive IT support service. Managed IT means that you have our undivided attention when you need it.

Anytime your employees have a technology problem, we are just a phone call away. Our professional IT technicians will help them with any problem they have.

And now, we are introducing our clients to an exciting new opportunity. It’s a powerful combination of 3 one-of-a-kind services that we call EfficientMe! It’s the ultimate business efficiency solution and goes way beyond IT for a comprehensive enhancement to your business strategy.

For more information about how DatCom, LLC can provide deep value that costs less, please take a minute and fill out the form on the right-hand portion of the screen, or simply give us a call at (903) 842-2220.


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