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When you think of technology, you typically think of computers and routers and all the hardware and services you need to run the software that is at the heart of your business’ operations. Software is crucial to every organization, but do you have too much? Too little? Today, we will unpack these questions and go through a list of what software is absolutely mandatory for business. 

Mission Critical Software

When you purchase software for your business, you are filling an operational need. Whether it be for operations, security, or productivity, there are several applications that every business needs. Let’s take a look at the list now. 


Managing your business’ money is essential to any well-run organization. Accounting software makes this process much, much easier. Accounting software will help manage all types of financial aspects of your business including taxes, payroll, and accounts receivable.

Project Management

If your business is in the business of making projects available to your clients, you need project management software. It is a comprehensive tool that provides you with a space to store and share files, communicate with and schedule team members, and provide a place for project managers and business owners to audit what went right and what went wrong on any project. 


Most businesses rely on their productivity suite. Today’s versions are cloud-based tools that come with storage, communications tools, word processing, spreadsheet programs, note-taking programs, and presentation builders.


The customer relationship management application is basically the operational hub of your business. Not only does it have features that can help manage your business’ workflow, it also is a key application when it comes to building customer satisfaction. 


Nowadays, maintaining security is essential for the health of your business and software is at the center of that strategy. Applications such as antivirus software, content filtering, firewalls, and spam filtering can go a long way towards protecting your business’ IT infrastructure and data.

There are many other types of software that your business can use to support its employees’ productivity and revenue generation. These include:

Communications and Collaboration

Every business needs answers for their communications and collaboration strategies. These include enterprise email, telephone systems, video conferencing, and team-based collaboration apps. 


In order to get traction, your business needs to have a way to get your products and service out in front of potential customers. There are a litany of marketing tools that give businesses the ability to extend their reach, whether it be through social media, email, or other means. 


Sales teams can use all types of tools to track leads, schedule meetings, and follow whether clients or prospects are good fits in terms of purchasing products and services. 

Our knowledgeable roster of IT technicians can set you up for success by consulting on potential technology deployments, designing full systems, procuring software and other tools, and supporting all of it for a reasonable monthly price. If you would like to learn more about it, contact the IT professionals at DatCom, LLC today.