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Reach a Whole New Level of Efficiency with Business Process Optimization


Business Process Optimization (BPO) is DatCom’s process improvement service for businesses. It’s one of 3 unique services making up EfficientMe! BPO is a form of business analysis using software to discover inefficiencies and recommend changes to your business activities. In other words, we survey everything you do at your organization and identify the things that slow you down and waste resources.  Some businesses operate with greater efficiency than others, but continuous optimization is necessary for everyone because things are always changing.

Process Improvement is Easier than Ever with DatCom’s Tools

All business activities have some level of waste.  Until recently, a business analysis could only be done manually.  Today we have technology that can discover and recommend more efficient steps to give you greater efficiency from end to end. Depending on the degree of inefficiency with your business’s internal processes, we can increase your profits and agility. As a result, your business will be more competitive within your industry. You’ll start to see these changes in a matter of months with an ROI of 350%.


Summary of Benefits

  • Reduction in redundancy
  • Reduction in errors and reprocessing
  • Greater adaptability
  • Easy to implement
  • Reduces costs
  • Increases efficiency
  • Increase profits
  • Improves service levels
  • Improves business culture
  • Greater competitiveness

Business Process Optimization (BPO) is a discipline to increase the efficiency of every step included in a process without changing the quality of the outcome. It is used by organizations to augment the outcomes by analyzing the processes. Businesses gain both monetary and non-monetary benefits.  You can minimize cost, save time and decrease stress along with an increase in the amount of output which results in greater profits.

Business Process optimization uses software to discover inefficient activities within your business.  This software will analyze the procedures individually and corporately to recommend a more efficient set of procedures.  This tool discovers redundancy, non-streamlined, and error-prone procedures that result in inefficient processes. Ultimately, we use the power of your technology for powerful business analysis that produces amazing results.


Reduces redundancy

    When you are running a business, you need to take care of the little redundancies and gaps in the processes. When you start optimizing the business processes, you will be able to point out all the redundancies and remove them. 

Greater adaptability  

    We live in an era where dynamics will change so rapidly that you won’t have time to prepare yourself. Change is coming in faster than ever. Business Process Optimization will give you a chance to adapt to changing demands, dynamics and the competitive landscape. 

Easy to take initiatives

    If the business processes are optimized, the foundation of your business will become strong leading to smoother operations. Once optimized, it becomes easier to take new initiatives.

Discover and standardize new processes

    While old processes get better through this discipline, there are high chances that you will be able to discover new processes and standardize them as well. Processes we don’t even think about will recommend themselves for optimization. These processes are called “shadow processes” and they exist in all businesses. Shadow processes cause workflow clutter and bog down business. BPO will help you see these processes and understand your business better.  Processes that are not fixed and standardized by businesses are called Shadow processes.


 You will be able to get a quantitative measurements to analyze your business processes. Constant feedback will help you get accurate data of your business processes.  You’ll never be at a loss for data to help you make decisions about what to do next, and you’ll be able to see how those decisions impact your bottom line.

Discover Your Custom Business Analysis Solution

Your goal with BPO is to improve the overall quality of your results without making unnecessary sacrifices at any point in the process. Process improvement might mean streamlining your order fulfillment process or eliminating human error with your internal reporting, for example.  Your custom BPO solution will allow you to deliver higher quality results to your clients by making key internal improvements. You’ll enjoy a stronger reputation for your company, helping you land new clients. By ensuring efficient operations, you will be able to reduce your operating costs and improve your profit margins significantly. 

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This whitepaper evaluates the differences between traditional technical support practices and modern managed IT practices and the pros and cons of both for small and medium businesses.

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