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Business Class Firewall & Internet Content Filtering

Internet content filters can keep your employees on track and protect your network from harmful threats. Internet access is a given in the modern office. Unfortunately, if not controlled properly, granting unlimited access to the internet can create its own inefficiencies.

Without internet filters, your employees may lose focus on their work. With the ability to control access to certain types of content, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Netflix, you ensure that your employees are staying on task throughout the day. Some employees may require access to certain sites, for promotion and marketing purposes, while others do not. With our Content Filtering solution, you can control who is given access to what by setting up specific user groups with access levels.

By creating user groups, and assigning access rights to them, you control who has access to what. After your initial configuration of the software, you can then move users into groups, thoroughly managing the type of content made available to them.

Web filtering can reduce Security Threats

Gain complete control over your security by blocking access to distasteful content.

Internet filtering accomplishes more than keeping your staff focused. One of the most crucial parts of business administration is being able to protect personal information and other sensitive material. Unfortunately, there are people in the world that mine for personal information and sell it.

Some of these strategies involve delivering malware; in the form of a virus, Trojan horse, or Internet worm to distasteful mediums that get a lot of traffic. Simply put, Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content is almost always a magnet for cyberattacks.  If a user accidentally navigates to these types of sites, it can create security problems.

Another reason to filter the Internet at work is because people can actually get into trouble by trying to do their jobs better. A simple search for “free software” can lead users to infested sites that look completely legitimate. Once a user downloads the file and opens it, your entire network can be compromised with malicious entities.

With our Content Filtering solution, you have complete control over the prevention of these types of threats. Have the ability to protect your business from unwanted intruders with DatCom, LLC’s content filtering service. If you are a small or midsize business in the Texas area, and want more information about how DatCom, LLC can find valuable solutions to all your company’s points of contention, call us today at (903) 842-2220.

At DatCom, LLC, we’re passionate about enhancing your business strategy for greater efficiency. We developed a unique set of services called EfficientMe! to help people, technology, and processes work together more efficiently.



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