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IT for Engineers and Architects – Precision Solutions that Meet Your Standards

DatCom delivers professional IT management for engineers and architects with precision solutions that reflect your high standards. We manage the IT infrastructure of those who invest, design, build, and maintain our physical infrastructure.

DatCom, LLC is proud to provide our clients with comprehensive managed IT services. For architects and engineers, leveraging today’s most robust technologies is now a need more than a luxury. The industry has come a long way from relying on T-squares. As a result, DatCom, LLC delivers technology solutions and support that allow today’s architects and engineers to build the infrastructure we all rely on.


Hardware and Software

Secure computing platforms that run the applications your firm needs.

As a builder, you run very intensive software applications and require hardware that can handle it. As a result, you depend on technology every day in order to create beautiful designs, collaborate with your team, and communicate with clients. When you use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and other design software, they must also be perfectly integrated to offer maximum speed and reliability. Plus, constantly changing regulations requires your technology to be continuously monitored and upgraded to make sure it meets the most current rules and guidelines. AT DatCom, LLC, we can deliver on-site and hosted hardware solutions that can easily run AutoCAD, Production Design Suite, Revit, ArchiCad or any other of today’s most powerful architecture and engineering software.


Remote Access

Secure access to the files you need inside the office or in the field.

Many engineers and architects are moving to cloud computing platforms to reduce the capital costs of their IT investments, while also improving the scalability and accessibility of their file sharing constructs. For the modern architect or engineer, the more time you can spend in the field, the more efficient your project can be. By implementing a fast, secure, and reliable hosted file sharing and sync platform, firms can get the information they need, from anywhere, on any device, building an integrated culture of collaboration that maximizes productivity.



We Build Redundancy into our IT for Architects and Engineers

Avoid data loss with a comprehensive backup and data recovery system.

Builders are under enormous pressure to design and construct anything – from buildings to bridges, to the tools that make the construction possible. As a result, any lost data could not only mean disaster for the project but for the firm as well. DatCom, LLC can deliver a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery system that can protect all of an organization’s data without the downtime that some other backup systems bring. To protect your data is to protect your business, and the IT professionals at DatCom, LLC can create a backup and recovery system as part of a business continuity plan for when disaster strikes!

If your firm is searching for professional technology assistance, call on our knowledgeable IT experts today at (903) 842-2220.


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