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Spam Email Blocker | Never Miss an Email Opportunity Again

As a business owner, you probably keep a constant eye on your email, responding to leads, customers, and employees. On the other hand, one of the primary faults in email communication is the prevalence of spam. If your organization only works with the bare essentials of spam protection, you’ve got a cluttered inbox that makes it difficult to see the emails that matter. With our email spam blocker, you’ll only see the emails that keep your business going.

The average small and medium-sized business shouldn’t have to deal with spam complications on a regular basis. DatCom, LLC’s comprehensive spam protection solution is designed to help your organization eliminate spam before it ever hits your inbox. By deploying a comprehensive spam protection strategy, you and your staff can get down to business without having to first sift through piles of useless messages.

Eliminate the Costs of Spam

Free up extra funds for where you need them with spam protection.

Spam is a major problem for many organizations that don’t have adequate protection. Spam accounts for 55% of all emails sent, and according to another survey, at least $712 is lost per year for every one of your employees due to the time wasted from dealing with spam. It’s clear that the costs and lost productivity add up. By integrating a spam protection solution, you’ll be able to keep your employees from being overwhelmed with spam — leading to increased productivity and improved organizational efficiency.

Mitigate IT Security Risks

Drastically reduce the possibility of cyber threats with our email spam blocker.

Spam is a primary mode of transportation for viruses, malware, spyware, and other risks to your business’s cyber security. If your users accidentally open a spam message that’s disguised as a genuine message, it could have a widespread effect on your entire IT infrastructure. Therefore, it’s crucial that you eliminate this potential threat before something slips through your defenses.

DatCom, LLC’s spam protection is a completely hosted solution that uses intelligent, pre-designed filters to keep suspicious emails from entering your network in the first place. Anything blocked is quarantined for you to review, which ensures you don’t miss an important email.

Take Back Your Workday

Save precious time by eliminating spam and junk mail.

The majority of the email your organization receives is likely to be spam. Sifting through spam is a huge waste of your staff’s time, which could be much better spent on profitable initiatives. By eliminating spam, you’re essentially giving your company the chance to jump-start operations, improve workflow, and gain a competitive edge.

DatCom, LLC’s spam protection solution is designed to keep your spam at an absolute minimum, so your staff can stop wasting time and better manage their inbox.

Don’t Let Spam Get the Best of Your Business

Contact DatCom, LLC today to discuss email spam protection.

Email is where most people look every day to see what needs their attention. Spam blocks your employees from seeing what matters most. Take control of your inbox for a more efficient business. Contact DatCom, LLC today at (903) 842-2220 and ask us about our spam protection solution.

At DatCom, LLC, we’re passionate about enhancing your business strategy for greater efficiency. We developed a unique set of services called EfficientMe! to help people, technology, and processes work together more efficiently.


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