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24/7 Server Monitoring and Support

Put your network stability in professional hands

Your servers are the center of your organization’s computing infrastructure. So, they need round-the-clock server monitoring to keep your operations moving efficiently. DatCom, LLC offers comprehensive support for all of your organization’s IT. However, we specialize in virtual and onsite server management. Outsourcing server monitoring and management to us means putting your business network in capable and competent hands. As a result, your network’s efficiency and stability will surprise you. We provide this service for a monthly flat rate, eliminating the per-incident charges that would normally hit your revenue stream at the wrong time.


Maximize Uptime with Server Monitoring

Get the peace of mind of knowing your servers are being watched 24x7x365

To mitigate server-level issues that cause costly IT downtime, DatCom, LLC’s technicians use industry best practices to ensure your IT infrastructure functions as you need it to. And we employ the best server monitoring tools to keep your business network up and running. With our certifiable around-the-clock support and our proactive maintenance, your servers will be stable and available when you need them. Best yet, if there is a significant problem with your server, we will know within minutes and can immediately take action. With your server’s uptime our priority, you reduce any would-be operational hiccups that hinder productivity.


Virtual Server Management

Extend the breadth of your business network with cloud-based servers.

Businesses like yours are leveraging the cloud for their networks with virtual servers. Many organizations that choose to move their computing infrastructure offsite invest in server monitoring services such as ours. Virtual servers are just as critical to your success as physical servers, and DatCom, LLC offers 24x7x265 server monitoring and maintenance of this infrastructure. Whether you host your own servers, colocate them, or rely on cloud-based solutions, we tool our managed server care to your needs.


Server Consulting and Best Practices

Custom solutions to fit your business.

When you want to expand your business, or you’re tired of network downtime, we’re here to evaluate your current IT infrastructure, assess your organization’s needs, and design enhancements accordingly. DatCom, LLC partners with some of the most recognizable hardware and software vendors, and can provide specific and affordable solutions that will allow you to align your IT infrastructure for your current and future needs. With our server monitoring of your new IT infrastructure, you’ll have peace of mind about your business network for years to come.

For more information about our managed server care service, or any other of our powerful managed service offerings, call us today at (903) 842-2220.

All of our services and recommendations are based on our desire to see businesses become more efficient. We are also excited to help all our clients with a comprehensive solution to enhance your business strategy and increase efficiency. It’s called EfficientMe! and you can find out more about it here.

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