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IT Outsourcing Services in Tyler, Texas

Save time and money while working toward your long-term goals by extending your team with our outsourced IT experts.

Get a Winning Competitive Advantage with our IT Outsourcing Services

Pull ahead of your competitors by using your information technology better. Let us show you how.

Why choose DatCom for IT outsourcing in Tyler ?

  • Ensure virus-free operations with our $750 guarantee against computer malware
  • Support your staff and clients in multiple time zones thanks to our 24/7 IT services
  • Gain at least 14% in additional profits by saving on labor costs with more efficient processes
  • Take the Competitive advantage, with automation and staff enhancement uniquely provided by DatCom
  • Solve IT issues fast with 2-minute response times by phone and 17-minute response times by email

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High-End IT Outsourcing Services From Our Team

Fully Managed IT

Enhance your IT management for a simple, easy and predictable fixed cost. Elevate your IT performance to new heights by outsourcing to the DatCom team.


Extend your IT department with expert, seasoned IT technicians by augmenting it with outsourced IT professionals that cost less than full-time hires.

Outsourced Cybersecurity

Gain advanced threat intelligence, threat remediation and data security by putting a fresh set of expert eyes on your cybersecurity system and protocols.

Project Management

Prevent project delays, expensive errors and poor outcomes by outsourcing project managers and additional team members who can keep your pipeline flowing.


Enjoy all the benefits of an expert in-house CIO without the high-end costs of hiring one on a full-time salary. Gain custom IT strategies and business growth roadmaps.

IT Support

Drastically reduce your ticket volumes by adding professional, expert and experienced outsourced IT support specialists to your service desk team.

Business Process Optimization

Build more resilient business practices, gain increased efficiency and improve cost-efficiency with data-driven business process optimization advice.

Staff Enhancement

Improve your entire team’s productivity, reliability and connectivity by outsourcing DatCom’s exceptional tailored staff development services.

Disaster Recovery

Preserve your data’s integrity in the face of any disaster with outsourced data professionals backing up everything to secure off-site hard drive storage.

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IT Outsourcing Company in Tyler, TX

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Top Benefits of Outsourcing to DatCom

IT Outsourcing in Tyler

Unparalleled Reliability

Every business, no matter its industry, deserves unparalleled network reliability. However, in emergency medical services, every second counts. A small disruption can halt vital operations and affect patient care.

When you outsource your IT to DatCom, we ensure that every business in any industry receives superb network reliability. As for those emergency medical groups, it’s a contractual guarantee.

This promise remains 24/7/365. Patient care can’t wait; teams may work off-hours or on different schedules. DatCom’s goal is to sustain a reliable IT system for all of the above.

IT Outsourcing Services in Tyler

Industry-Specific IT Outsourcing

Every industry has unique IT needs. For healthcare providers, strict privacy policies and technology guidelines are crucial. For legal professionals, reliable and dynamic tech options can save both time and money. You get the picture.

DatCom can cater to these industry-specific IT requirements with precision. Not only do we provide tailored IT solutions, but we also do so with a flat monthly rate, ensuring predictability in your IT spending.

Specific industries we offer tailored support to include (but are not limited to):

  • Healthcare
  • Law
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Accounting
  • Retail
  • Engineers & Architects
  • Nonprofits
IT Outsourcing Services Tyler

Enhance Operational Efficiency Across All Departments

Busy work and repetitive tasks can drain your team’s energy and time. In fact, one 2021 survey discovered that people, on average, spend 33% of their workday doing tasks they weren’t hired to do.

Outsourcing your IT to DatCom gives you access to our one-of-a-kind EfficientMe! solution. We may be focused on IT but with EfficientMe! you’ll enhance your operational efficiency across all departments.

The point of the solution is to ensure your technology, people, and processes work in seamless harmony. In just 6 weeks, our clients report a 27% increase in productivity.

To find out how we do it, read more about EfficientMe!

IT Outsourcing Tyler

Higher Network Protection For Less Cost

Network issues can halt your business and create unexpected costs. When technology fails, operations stop, and resolving these issues can drain money and resources fast.

DatCom keeps your systems up to date and manages all updates and patches remotely. This approach ensures you never miss a critical software update or encounter issues from outdated software.

We aim not just to fix issues but to prevent them, often before you even realize they exist. Our services come at a competitive fixed rate. So, you can stop worrying about unexpected issues and unexpected costs.

IT Outsourcing Services FAQ

DatCom offers a clear and flexible pricing model for IT outsourcing services. Contract services are billed monthly and include monitoring and repair at a flat rate for a 2-year duration.

For projects, 50% payment is required upfront. The rest is billed as the project goes on, with the final payment due at the end.

Our remote monitoring & management services have 3 levels:

  • Guardian
  • Guardian Plus
  • Guardian Premier

In DatCom’s outsourcing model, we first identify your IT needs and formulate a tailored strategy. From there, we look at our diverse pool of talented experts and choose the best fit.

We then deliver specialized IT services, which may include monitoring, project management, and repairs.

This approach ensures your team can concentrate on core business activities while we expertly manage your IT functions.

At DatCom, we’re not trying to replace your in-house IT staff. Instead, we’d like to complement their efforts with our specialized services.

For businesses without an IT department, we can perform all necessary IT functions. This way, your business can experience all the same benefits as a larger company with in-house IT staff.

Our goal is to provide flexible solutions that fit your specific needs and budget. This is true regardless of your internal structure.

While IT outsourcing from DatCom does involve a fee, it is designed to be a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Engaging with us allows you to access specialized IT expertise and technology without the additional overhead costs. This includes costs related to hiring, training, and maintaining staff, as well as investing in any new hardware or software.

Ultimately, that will provide significant cost savings and more predictable budgeting.

At DatCom, we make sure you work with the right expert for your business.

First, we learn about your needs. Then, we choose a professional from our team who understands your business and industry well.

This way, you get someone who knows exactly how to help you, ensuring smooth and effective IT support tailored just for you.