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IT Support in Tyler, TX

Modern business operations move fast. You don’t have time to wait for IT support. Partner with an experienced IT support desk that moves as fast as you do.

Can Your Support Specialists Offer Speed & Service Like This?

DatCom offers timely responses and customized service. We know exactly how to provide both without sacrificing either.

Why choose DatCom for IT support in Tyler ?

  • Get the help you need when you need it thanks to our 24/7 support desk run by tier 1-4 technicians.
  • Hear from our IT support team in less than 17 minutes no matter how you choose to contact us.
  • Rapidly repair any computer hardware with a technician team that boasts 13 minute response times.
  • Trust our network support team to keep all your devices virus-free, that’s our $750 guarantee. 
  • Discover why our clients gave us a 98.3% customer satisfaction rating by booking your demo.

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Types of IT Support Services We Offer

Resolve Most IT Issues Without Leaving Your Desk

Fast response and resolution times are great, but you also need someone who is easy to contact. IT support that requires you to physically move can add just one more block in your efficiency.

That’s why DatCom’s remote support services are built for convenience. We want to give you the best options to contact us. Whether you prefer phone or email, we can help.

There’s no need for you to even leave your work desk. Just email or call us and we’ll get back to you. No additional steps required.

Turn Down Technical Difficulties

Minor technical glitches are a real pain. No matter how relatively small the issue may seem, they can still cause a big impact on your workflow and mood.

Don’t put up with them. Let the team at DatCom squash those annoying little bugs before they evolve. We take a proactive approach to our support services which means we’re always looking for new ways to enhance efficiency.

Information technology is supposed to make your work easier. If it’s not, let us step in to make sure it does.

Enjoy Hardware Support Beyond Your Expectations

Most IT support companies stick to software support. As a result, you might be left scrambling to find someone who can look at your hardware.

Don’t just settle for the first provider you find who does both. Choose someone who offers real value with their hardware services.

At DatCom, our goal is to stand out with our efficient and effective hardware services. We can fix most devices within 13 minutes. We also stock spare parts, saving you the wait.

Proactively Maintain Everything Network-Related

A lot of IT companies offer remote network monitoring. That’s excellent for detecting unusual traffic and potential hackers, but what if the problem is your server?

At DatCom our network support team looks at everything related to your network. We also proactively monitor and manage your online connections to prevent problems, but we also proactively maintain any hardware you need to run your network.

We know that what flows through it is only one part of the picture. That’s why we cover it all.

Give Your Cloud Assets The Same Great Support

You probably already know that cloud services require a different set of skills. You probably expect your in-house team to upskill for any cloud migrations.

This expectation extends to your support desk. How can they help if they aren’t familiar with cloud servers?

If you choose DatCom for IT support, you can stick with us through your digital transformation. We know the cloud as well as we know on-premise IT. So, if anyone needs a hand with a cloud application, we’re there.

Proud to Support:

We’re Not Kidding When We Say Our IT Support is Fast


Minute response times by phone


Minute response times by email


End users supported every day

Is Your IT Support Still Leaving You on Hold?

Maybe it’s time for you to hang up on them and call us instead.


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IT Support Company in Tyler, Texas

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What Else Makes DatCom’s IT Support Great?

IT Support Company Tyler

Stay Up-to-Date & Agile Across Operations

Adaptability can make or break a small business. It’s also the difference between standing out and blending in for larger enterprises.

Efficient technology is a crucial part of business resilience. If you’re running slow or outdated computer systems, you’re falling behind.

DatCom’s IT support team can help you fix that. Whenever we look at your issue, we also take a look at what caused it and what we can optimize.

That practice gives you the added benefit of a more future-proof IT system and more future-proof business.

IT Support Tyler

IT Infrastructure Support Like No One Else

Nothing in your IT system can run without a great infrastructure. If no amount of software troubleshooting can fix a pesky IT challenge, your infrastructure might be the problem.

Alongside our excellent hardware services, DatCom can assess and improve your infrastructure set up.

We’ll look at everything from cable management, to room temperature, to server rack design to ensure everything operates at peak performance.

Looking to upgrade? You can also call us. We’re great at installing and configuring IT systems that last.

Tyler IT Support

Boost Productivity With EfficientMe!

Love the awesome IT support DatCom provides? What if we told you that we can extend that level of support to all your business operations?

Sometimes, technical difficulties aren’t the problem, but we can also help you solve other inefficiencies with EfficientMe!

Imagine a world where your technology, people, and processes synchronize perfectly. EfficientMe! Makes that happen with 3 key functions:

  • Data Processing Automation
  • Staff Enhancement
  • Business Process Operation

Experience a 27% productivity boost while gaining 14% more profits and saving 30% on labor costs. That’s the magic we can deliver.

Contact us to see for yourself.

IT Support Services FAQ

IT helpdesks tend to have a bit more of an administration focus. Helpdesk technicians generally troubleshoot minor user issues like password resets and organize support tickets.

IT support goes deeper. This team will dig into the root of your issue and recommend expert advice on how to solve it. They also tend to look at your whole set-up to make sure everything blends well.

IT help and support desks serve two different functions. Separating these functions is mostly a matter of efficiency.

With helpdesk technicians organizing tickets and solving user issues, IT support teams have more time and energy to spend on bigger issues. This system ensures you get top-notch support with every call.

There’s no reason to lay off your IT department when you hire us. While we can act as an awesome substitute department if you can’t yet afford one, we can also work alongside established teams.

In fact, your team might appreciate the help. Getting extra hands on IT support is an excellent way to give your department more work hours and less burnout.

DatCom supports both Windows and iOS devices. We understand that many businesses are Apple-forward, and some have a mix of employees who use both.

So, we believe it’s in our best interest and yours to train our support team on both operating systems. It’s not fair to your Mac users if you hire a support partner who only does PC.

DatCom is a B2B IT support company. Unfortunately, we can’t help you if you’re having an issue with a personal device.

There is one exception to this rule. If you work for one of our clients and use a personal device for your job, we may be able to take a look at it. We do support BYOD devices connected to company networks.