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Managed IT Services in Tyler

Keeping your productivity up means keeping your information technology up. Trust DatCom, a top-tier managed service provider in Tyler to make this happen.

Be Sure That Your IT Truly Maximizes
Your Operational Efficiency

Modern businesses depend on technology – but what happens when those very IT systems let you down?

Choose DatCom for managed IT in Tyler :

  • Grow your business while we handle your technology issues.
  • Trust our $750 per computer guarantee that all your devices will stay virus-free.
  • Optimize and protect your entire IT network with our 24/7/365 monitoring.
  • Hear from our team within 2 minutes over the phone or within 17 minutes over email.
  • Save time from the start with our fast, efficient onboarding process that takes just 3 days on average.

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Managed Services in Tyler

Key Features of Our Managed Services in Tyler

Fully Managed IT

Achieve optimal uptime, boost efficiency, and enjoy predictable tech expenses all on a flat-rate plan.

Co-Managed IT

Relieve any overburdened IT staff by letting our experts extend your in-house team.

IT Consulting

Transform your IT into an efficiency powerhouse with our consultants elevating productivity and driving profitability.

Managed Security Services

Boost your security with enterprise-level protection without the hassle or cost of maintenance.

IT Support

Swiftly resolve IT issues and reduce downtime to protect your bottom line.

Cloud Computing

Enhance productivity wherever you work while ensuring data security thanks to our cloud services.

IT Helpdesk

Call our 24/7 IT helpdesk whenever issues arise to hear from us in 2 minutes and get an answer in 8.

Remote Monitoring

Proactively detect and resolve issues before they disrupt your operations using our remote monitoring services.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS)

Ask us about a clean, efficient, and scalable IT setup tailored to your business goals

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Don’t Let IT Hiccups Bog Down Your Day-to-Day

Free yourself from your most painful IT headaches with managed services and technical support here in Tyler.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It


Managed Services
in Tyler, TX

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Tyler, TX 75703, United States

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Benefit From Our Premier IT Services in Tyler

Managed IT Services in Tyler

Stellar vCIO Services

Many SMBs struggle to effectively manage their technology. Often, IT management is left to a business owner who is too busy with daily operations to focus on tech.

DatCom’s vCIO services are here to stop that from happening. We combine the expertise of an experienced IT administrator with the strategic insight of an operations manager.

This service model gives you access to new cost-cutting solutions, productivity enhancements, and innovative data management.

All while letting your business owner go back to being simply a business owner.

Tyler, Texas Managed Services Provider

Business Continuity Assurance

Now that the majority of essential documents are digital, data loss poses a significant threat. A single event can disrupt operations, damage your reputation, and result in substantial financial losses.

At DatCom, we can assure business continuity with our top-tier data backup and disaster recovery services.

We’re so confident in the effectiveness of our approach that we offer a $1M liability insurance guarantee against data loss.

This offer extends to both on-premise and cloud-based data. We can also backup data intended for cloud migration as an extra layer of data integrity assurance.

IT Services in Tyler

Strengthen Your Remote Work Practices

Today, over 65% of Americans say they favor employers with fully remote work options. This makes remote work a big deal in terms of employee retention.

Yet, it comes with its own challenges. Ensuring seamless operations and maintaining the same level of productivity as in-office is crucial.

DatCom offers tailored solutions to enhance your remote work capabilities. This includes secure cloud services like Office 365 and encrypted VPNs.

We’ll always ensure your team has seamless and safe access to all the resources they need to work, without compromising your network security.

Managed IT in Tyler

VMWare Services

As businesses evolve, so does the complexity of their IT infrastructure. This can be overwhelming, especially as you manage other areas of your growing business.

Virtualization, however, offers a streamlined approach to this rapid evolution.

DatCom’s VMware services are designed to simplify and optimize your digital evolution. With this, we can decrease costs and increase up-time. With Datcom stay ahead in this competitive landscape.

Whether you’re looking to consolidate space with virtualized servers or streamline operations with a new virtual network, we can help!

FAQ About Our Managed IT Services in Tyler

Cost may vary. However, DatCom’s pricing model is:

  • Contract:
    • Duration : 2 years.
    • Billed monthly at rates below national avg.
    • Monitoring and repair at a flat rate.
  • Project:
    • Discovery billed separately.
    • Payment: 50% upfront. Additional costs are billed during the project’s progression, with the final payment due upon completio.
  • Remote Monitoring & Management:
    • Billed monthly
    • Tiers:
      • Guardian: Basic-level with standard SLAs.
      • Guardian Plus: Intermediate-level with enhanced SLAs.
      • Guardian Premier: Premium-level with the best SLAs at a premium cost.

DatCom is well-equipped to assist with hardware repairs. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, boasting an average hardware response repair time of just 13 minutes.

Additionally, we maintain a stock of desktops, laptops, and servers, ensuring you can bypass the typical 2-3 week wait time for purchase, installations, and activation.

Trust in us for prompt and efficient hardware solutions.

DatCom is proficient in working with a range of operating systems, including Apple. In addition to Apple devices, we also support Windows and Linux platforms.

Whether you have a MacBook, a Windows PC, or a Linux server, you can rely on us for expert assistance.

This makes us ideal for companies with a mixed network. If you use a PC and your HR rep uses a Mac, that’s fine with us!

DatCom primarily focuses on B2B services. We don’t generally work with home computers. However, we understand the evolving needs of the modern workplace and are equipped to work with BYOD devices.

We will ensure that any personal, BYOD devices integrated into your business environment receive the same level of expert care and attention.

At DatCom, we believe that SMBs deserve the top-notch IT services as big businesses. Managed services are not exclusive to large enterprises.

DatCom has a heart for the SMBs. DatCom sees them as the backbone of America and wants to support them.

We’ll tailor our services to ensure you get the right support at the right scale.