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Legal IT – Affordable Solutions that Garner Trust from your Clients.

Law firms always benefit from having the newest information technology. Yet, enhanced communication and efficiency require enhanced security and confidentiality.  DatCom, LLC provides legal IT solutions for your practice optimized for budgets and structured to earn the trust of clients.

It’s a fact that lawyers are at the center of many important decisions, and choosing your legal IT provider is central to the success of your practice.  Whether you’re a new attorney that is just hanging out your shingle, or part of a large firm that deals in a sea of litigation, you need to consider how advances in technology will work for your practice.

Many Law offices don’t find it cost-effective to hire a dedicated IT staff or even an IT guy. Most law offices rely on break-fix IT technicians who profit from your pain, but they also don’t present the kind of value for optimizing and maintaining your technology. DatCom provides solutions for law firms at a flat monthly rate while offering the newest and most reliable technologies that are best for legal IT.


Legal IT Solutions Designed Specifically for You

We offer hardware, software, and hosted solutions that can provide your firm with substantial value.

No two law firms are the same, so why would you want to adhere to a technology solution that wasn’t designed for your practice? AT DatCom, LLC, we offer many of the IT solutions that law offices utilize to provide superior service to their clients. These solutions include:

  • Hardware services – We have partnered with some of the top vendors in the technology world and are able to provide your office with the hardware you need, at an affordable price.
  • Software services – We provide you with software solutions to meet all of your organization’s needs. Software solutions such as customer relationship management (CRM) and document management can really present a definite boost to your practice’s efficiency.
  • Cloud solutions – We know just how dynamic cloud computing can be for organizations that look to integrate mobility into their IT strategy. At DatCom, LLC, we provide your organization with services from secure email to virtual computing environments to productivity suites – all housed securely off-site and ready to access any time, from anywhere.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We can address any legal IT needs you have. We specialize in the management of your complete IT infrastructure, but we can also help you become more efficient with powerful new tools that you won’t find at any other legal IT provider. With our remote monitoring and management solutions as a part of your flat-rate IT service, your office can experience optimal uptime, without the monetary outlays that are usually associated with technology.


Mobile Options for a Confidential World

Lawyers and their associates need to be agile with Legal IT solutions that include mobile devices.

Like many other businesses, one of the most prevalent technology issues law practices face is issues of confidentiality on mobile devices. Mobile devices contain and transmit sensitive information and have become an important source for communication between lawyers and their associates in the office. The security of the data on these devices is paramount as much of it is confidential client information.

At DatCom, LLC, we help you manage your mobile computing and provide your practice with legal IT solutions to protect or remove sensitive information from your devices. DatCom, LLC’s certified technicians understand the value of your organization’s data and have many solutions to keep it secure and confidential.

For more information about DatCom, LLC’s flat-rate IT management services, or the solutions we use to make organizations like your law firm run more efficiently, call us today at (903) 842-2220.


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