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Improve Business Security with Printer Management


Hackers are innovative — part of what makes cyber security such a challenging area is hackers are constantly finding new ways to maliciously access your networks. To combat this, hardware manufacturers develop firmware patches to install on your devices to block newly discovered entry points for security breaches. Despite the effectiveness of security patches to prevent cyberattacks and malware, employees and even IT professionals often put off updating all programs upon release. Even choosing to delay by just one day can significantly increase your vulnerability. When new patches are released, hackers know they have a window of opportunity before all potential victims run the update.


Self-Healing printers

When assessing your technological environment for potential cyber-attacks, your office printer is probably not the first thing that comes to mind – most people would never suspect an unprotected print device could put your organization’s security at risk. Unfortunately, hackers are taking advantage of the fact that IT departments focus entirely too much on other endpoints that leave their printers vulnerable to cyber-attacks. According to Tektonika Magazine, 56 percent of companies ignore printers in their endpoint security strategy and do not see printers as a high-security risk. With just a single unsecured printer, you could be compromising the security of your entire network. HP Enterprise devices can automatically self-heal from attacks. Through the use of embedded security features, these devices provide the highest level of protection against malicious activity on your devices.


Pro vs Enterprise Devices

Currently, HP offers two different levels for their print devices—Pro and Enterprise. Both provide cutting-edge technology with stellar results. Enterprise-level devices are designed to handle higher print volumes and end-users. In contrast, Pro-level devices are ideal for no more than one to two end-users.

For some situations, we do recommend Pro series printers. However, even if a single user will utilize the printer, we’ll still often encourage customers to choose an Enterprise model for one critical reason—printer security.

Unlike the HP Pro series printers, the Enterprise models are available in Managed SKUs only available through Premier HP partners and offer exclusive security features that represent the best available on the market. The devices will come with these four additional features of security: HP SureStart, Whitelisting, Run-time Intrusion Detection, and HP Connection Inspector.

In today’s interconnected world, few concerns are more important—and potentially devastating—than your company’s network security. Since printers are often overlooked when it comes to protection, they’re often the most vulnerable to hacks and cyberattacks. But with a Managed SKU model purchased from a Premier HP partner, it’ll be secure from the second it’s installed.


Print Security management tools

Secure print is already available on most office network printers and computers without requiring additional downloads or complicated steps. This makes it a great way to see a significant impact quickly. By integrating advanced programs like PaperCut, you even add an extra level of security and savings.

The Embedded Web Server (EWS) is a powerful tool used to configure, adjust, or troubleshoot print devices remotely. Like secure print, EWS is available on mostly all office Network print devices from the get-go. As a print device web page, the EWS is accessed via typing in the printer’s Hostname/IP address into your browser.

Although only available on HP devices, the device management tool HP Smart Device Services (SDS) offers the ability to view an incredible amount of information on a device remotely. The easy-to-review list format gives admins or your managed print service provider the ability to see device history, issues within devices, provide superior remote troubleshooting, and more.

Another excellent device management tool is HP Webjet. This fleet management tool has several features that will boost office security. Bonus: it works with non-HP devices, though with some limited functionality.


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