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IT Infrastructure Support Services

Say goodbye to that messy IT setup!

Poorly organized IT infrastructure is more than an eyesore. It’s also a liability and quietly contributes to technology failure and operational hindrances. For this reason, companies need to have a strategy in place when setting up their business’ computing infrastructure. Effective organization and design of server rooms, cabling, and backup battery systems can save you a lot of trouble, so let us prevent it bet setting you up for success!

DatCom’s IT infrastructure support services create an efficient, clean, and scalable computing infrastructure you won’t be ashamed to show off. More importantly, it’s an IT setup that will take your company where you want it to go. We’ve remedied situations you wouldn’t believe, and fixed the blunders of other IT providers with an IT infrastructure makeover that satisfied. Our infrastructure strategy is made up of four crucial variables that are designed to provide organizations with a clean and dynamic computing infrastructure.


Server Room Design

Bring order to chaos with a modern, efficient server room design.

In order to protect your central computing infrastructure, you will likely need to make some alterations to the room housing your servers. Factors such as climate control and ventilation are critical to the life of your investment. Our technicians understand the essentials of creating the perfect server room to keep your IT functioning properly and easy to access. Since our technicians are versed in industry best practices and have established relationships with contractors and vendors, we have the resources to produce the desired results you seek.


Server Rack Design

Customized solutions to ensure that all of your servers are secure and reliable.

Every organization’s needs are different, but even a small server room needs a great server rack design. If your organization needs to house several servers, you will need a clean-cut and professional setup. At DatCom, LLC, our technicians understand that your rack space can help you coordinate your computing resources, as well as provide a streamlined effect that will provide technicians a valuable sitemap when doing maintenance on those systems.


Battery Backup

Complete battery backup that works to protect your infrastructure.

Technology catastrophes can be devastating to your computing infrastructure if you aren’t prepared for them. A common event, such as a lightning strike, can fry your server, leaving your organization in shambles. To protect crucial hardware, we can provide your organization with Uninterrupted Power Supply devices that protect your crucial hardware from power surges that could result in catastrophe.


Cable Management

Comprehensive cabling and wiring strategies to build a safe and efficient office.

Unfortunately, cables and wires are a must for any business looking to employ a fully-fledged computing infrastructure. The key is to avoid the dreaded mess of cables that could not only cause issues getting around your establishment’s IT infrastructure, but could create problems when adding and subtracting devices from your network. Our technicians are trained with the best practices to run cables proficiently with long term operations in mind.

DatCom, LLC technicians know that your organization depends heavily on your technology and understands how to keep the whole system efficient to support regular maintenance and to cut expenses that come from inefficiently-run IT. To learn more about our comprehensive infrastructure support services, contact us today at (903) 842-2220.

Infrastructure support services like these are only one way that DatCom can help your business become more efficient. Be sure to check out EfficientMe! It’s a combination of 3 unique services to enhance your business strategy.

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