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If your business is using the latest technology solutions, then you know how advantageous they are. Yet, a step in the right direction can often feel like two steps backward. This sometimes happens when businesses implement new technology solutions without considering the ramifications that they may cause for their other technology. Here are two ways that your new technology might be holding your organization back, or even putting your network at risk.

More Endpoints Means More Open Doors
Adding new devices to your business’s computing infrastructure, regardless of what they are (workstations, server units, mobile devices), can provide new outlets that hackers can take advantage of to access your network. Thus, you need to secure any and all devices on your network, regardless of whether or not they may be seen as a security issue. As seen by the attack on Dyn earlier this year, any device (even seemingly benign Internet of Things devices) can be used to initiate attacks, so you must plan accordingly.

This is an especially important thing to consider when considering mobile devices for your organization. Since hackers can take advantage of workstations and server units to break into your infrastructure, mobile devices are also a cinch for them. Therefore, you need to consider security a priority for your mobile devices, and apply the necessary patches and security updates. A mobile device management solution makes it easy for your business to control which devices and apps can access sensitive data. You can whitelist and blacklist applications, as well as remotely wipe devices that have been lost or stolen.

More Software Means More Upgrades
You may implement a new software solution with the intention of improving operations, but this addition also comes with some shortcomings. Your new software solution will require patches and security updates, which is both fine and expected. However, what happens to your old solutions? Do they accumulate on your network? Are they still getting the patches and security updates that are needed? Furthermore, every single new software solution you implement needs these patches and security updates, which can quickly create a lot of work that you may or may not have time to handle yourself. It’s simply not acceptable to miss out on these important updates.

One way you can make this responsibility more manageable is by considering a remote monitoring and maintenance solution. DatCom, LLC can remotely monitor and maintain your software, which includes the deployment of patches and security updates, as well as monitoring for critical deficiencies that could cause problems down the road. This proactive approach to IT maintenance will resolve many of the issues corresponding with your technology, and can prevent costly downtime from dragging your organization down.

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