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The DatCom team loves helping businesses streamline their workflows and increase productivity. We’re excited about liberating workers from boring work. That’s why we’ve invested in the tools and talent to  to liberate and support small and medium businesses. 

We are evangelists for business automation technology, and we’ve talked a lot about the tools. But we also want to boil it all down to what businesses really need right now, in these uncertain times. 

What do you need right now? 

These 3 things: 

  • Efficiency 
  • Accuracy 
  • Time for Human Ingenuity 

When we first started exploring the exciting possibilities of Data Processing Automation (DPA), we didn’t know what was in store for American businesses. That was before the pandemic and all the problems and uncertainties that now reverberate throughout the world. 

We don’t possess a crystal ball for looking into the future, but we can say this for certain: If small businesses want to be standing on solid ground 6 months from now, they should find an IT provider who can deliver business automation. DPA is the open door for finding these 3 essentials for weathering a weak economy. 


You need to increase efficiency, now. That means streamlining business tasks to save time and increase productivity. It also means discovering ways to reduce overhead costs. Your most important business assets are human resources. If your human resources are using computers to get things done, your technology is a critical layer between human ingenuity and completing business tasks. 

DatCom has been focused on efficiency for years. We’re always looking for new ways to help our clients trim costs, save time, and work smarter, not harder. Until recently, that meant providing conventional computer support services such as security, maintenance, monitoring, backup, troubleshooting, etc.  

But times are changing, and we have new tools to automate repetitive computer tasks. We can automate anywhere from 1/3 to ½ of an employee’s day. And we’re doing it without implementation costs. As a bonus, the discovery process requires us to analyze and document your business processes, allowing us to help you optimize them. 

This is a game-changing reality, and it comes at a time when SMBs need it most! 


Your business needs accuracy right now. A weak economy means you don’t get as many opportunities to correct mistakes before facing serious consequences. We are extremely fortunate to have the right tools to achieve greater accuracy in times like these. 

The great thing about computers is that they aren’t prone to careless human errors. They don’t get distracted, bored, or tired. People do, and their mistakes can create hours of rework. A human data entry error can go unnoticed for months, throwing off reports and producing further problems. People also tend to conceal their careless mistakes. Computers halt activity when they meet a problem and create logs.  

DatCom’s automation solutions bring clarity and visibility. That visibility is critical when resources are tight. 

Time for Human Ingenuity 

These tools give us a truly priceless commodity: Time. And your business needs time, right now. 

Time to think. Time to decide. Time to create. Time to innovate. Time to grow. Time to process customer feedback. Time to analyze data.  

Time for human ingenuity. 

Time to beat the odds that are stacked against you because of inflation and staffing struggles. 

DatCom’s tools can move your employees away from the boring work they hate so that you can cross-train and redeploy them to new areas. That means more customer retention, more sales, and a brighter future, despite the threats you’re facing.