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Flexibility might be one of the biggest reasons to use a VoIP solution, but why should this matter so much to an SMB? We’ll discuss some of the reasons why flexibility is such a huge factor to consider in any technology solution, particularly VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) takes your Internet connection and uses it to send your voice to a recipient, rather than through the use of a traditional telephone line. Here are three ways that your business can leverage a VoIP solution.

VoIP Allows for Business Growth
When your business is growing, your telephone system needs to be able to grow alongside it. This is where VoIP comes in. When you create your VoIP infrastructure, you will likely have a specific number of users and devices in mind. This helps you get an understanding of what kind of bandwidth and network traffic you can expect. Unlike a traditional telephone system, which requires new handsets and wiring in order to expand, VoIP makes it easy to add new users and devices to your communications infrastructure. VoIP uses your Internet connection, so as long as you work with your ISP to get the service you need, you’ll be ready to tackle VoIP’s growing pains.

VoIP is More Dynamic
How does the flexibility of VoIP allow your organization to perform while out of the office? The simple answer is that VoIP can be used on most devices, be it a smartphone, laptop, or desktop. This means that you can take the VoIP phone on the go, unlike that handheld system that sits on your desk all day. Furthermore, since your work phone can be available on your smartphone, there is no advanced call forwarding required. All you have to do is download the application onto your device and you’re all set. You can turn the phone on and off as needed, allowing you to keep your work and home lives largely separate.

VoIP Offers More Features
Your traditional telephone system might offer all of the basics, but does it have instant messaging capabilities? Does it support real-time video chat and conference calling? VoIP takes the advantage here by being such a versatile solution filled to the brim with features that can be leveraged for effective onsite and offsite communication. VoIP comes with most, if not all, of the features that you know and love from your traditional telephone provider. Additionally, you’ll never have to pay for features that you don’t want. Telephone providers bundle services together, so while you may enjoy getting a television package with your phone system, you don’t necessarily have to get it in order to communicate with your team.

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