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Virtually every business needs data to function, yet not every SMB has the skills or resources needed to maintain their in-house server units. If you’ve found yourself struggling with server upkeep, then you’ll be happy to learn that this responsibility can easily be outsourced to a third party.

When you look at the benefits of outsourcing your server needs to our cloud, it becomes difficult to go back to “doing IT the hard way.”

Server Hosting Takes One More Thing Off Your Plate
Essentially, having a third party handle the management and maintenance of your data means one less responsibility that you don’t have to worry about. For the busy business owner, freeing up time so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff and instead focus more on running your business is what outsourcing is all about.

Server Hosting Prevents Expensive Downtime
It’s just common sense that having a computer maintained by a professional prevents downtime by making sure that the equipment is running in tiptop shape. When it comes small server problems that go unchecked (perhaps because you may not even know that these issues are problems in the first place), it’s only a matter of time before these unknown-to-you issues develop into serious problems that can hinder your workflow. When your company finds itself in this most unfortunate predicament, you’ll kick yourself when you realize that the downtime you’re experiencing could have been avoided with proactive maintenance.

Server Hosting Saves on Expenses
You may not know much about the technical side of how servers work, but it’s easy to know that a server is quite expensive to purchase. Plus, having to pay for the upkeep of hosting a full rack of servers in your office adds up. Think for a moment of the electricity it takes to run these machines and the maintenance bills from unplanned repairs. By simply outsourcing your server needs to a third party, you’re letting them handle the hosting, along with all of the upkeep and other associated expenses.

Although, outsourcing the care of your servers doesn’t necessarily mean having your data hosted off-site. If you already have an IT infrastructure that you’re happy with, then an outsourced IT company like DatCom, LLC can assist you remotely with the maintenance and upkeep of your in-house equipment, as well as the management of your data. Whether you outsource the care of your in-house servers, or you go so far as hosting your data in the cloud, either way, you’ll save money.

Server Hosting Ensures Compatibility
One of the challenges of managing your own servers is having to be familiar with which applications are compatible with specific operating systems, and which ones aren’t. Otherwise, you run the risk of performing a software upgrade that unintentionally disables a mission-critical app used in your business’ day-to-day operations. A misstep like this can be costly.

The advantage of hosted servers is that they are often virtualized, which means you can run various operating systems to ensure compatibility with the legacy apps your business relies on. With this being such an easy way to mitigate such a serious risk, it’s a move that every business owner should consider.

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