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Every business has extra stress when it’s time to do the accounting. Tax season is especially frustrating because it often comes with long days, late nights, tense muscles, and overtime for your office staff. It doesn’t seem to get any easier from year to year. But it does get easier with Data Processing Automation (DPA). 

For example: 
When we used DPA to reduce the time it would take to reconcile our bank account with the general ledger, we were blown away!  

Normally, it takes us 16 hours to complete. With breaks, that could take over two business days. But we wrote a DPA script that reduced it to 3 hours. That’s an 80%-time savings, and the work was completely error-free.  
DPA Accelerates Accounting Processes Within Your Current Software 

One of the most tedious parts of accounting operations is data processing between multiple software applications. Manually generating sales receipts and invoices, sending emails, and creating reports in QuickBooks is laborious and can limit a team’s productivity and overall efficiency. 

DPA works wonders within your current software. Whether you use Quickbooks or Sage Accounting, DPA operates as if it were a human user.  But DPA also works 575 times faster without getting distracted or confused and without making mistakes. 

How does it work? 

A custom DPA program does the following automatically: 

  • Logs into QuickBooks accounts using relevant user credentials  
  • Imports QuickBooks invoices into new Excel spreadsheet rows  
  • Generates sales receipts in QuickBooks for updated MS Excel spreadsheets  
  • Generates MS Excel rows for new QuickBooks payments  
  • Creates rows in Excel for QuickBooks expenses  
  • Updates mailing service subscriber lists to include new QuickBooks customers  
  • Sends email notifications for new QuickBooks invoices and payments 

Why DPA is Critical for Business Growth 
DPA is critical for business growth because it goes way beyond accounting. We create DPA programs for many other back-office tasks that are boring, repetitive, and costly in terms of paid labor.  DPA typically reduces the time it takes for office employees to complete their tasks by 27%. That’s almost a third of a workday per employee. You could send those workers home early. You could reduce staff. Better yet, you could find ways for your staff to focus on new business. You could put your best workers in other departments. Happy problems like these are here to make your business better! 

DPA is trusted technology that is already helping businesses around the world leap over today’s labor and logistics problems. If you’re ready to have a serious conversation about using DPA to speed up your accounting processes, contact DatCom today and ask about EfficientMe! 

Does your business rely on accounting software such as Quickbooks? Give us some feedback on how you think DPA can transform your business. Thanks!