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It’s no secret to seasoned entrepreneurs that making mistakes is essential to business success. The real secret is how to overcome the personal struggle to pick yourself up and try again. The ability to face your mistakes and overcome obstacles is what distinguishes people as real entrepreneurs.  

Elon Musk said that being an entrepreneur is like eating glass, and yet he has found a way to wake up every day and take another bite. Dr. Sam Collins says that, although it takes guts and resilience, she learned how to do it with ease, peace, and serenity. Each has figured out their own way to press on. 

Author Jaime Jay doesn’t use the word “failure” because he refuses to believe that he is a failure. Failed projects and failed businesses? Sure. But he cherishes the lessons he learned with every mistake. He discovered the sheer joy of breaking down systems and processes at his business to build them back up again. That attitude makes his personal and work relationships thrive. And thriving relationships are productive, whether establishing a home or a business. 

A business is bigger than a person and it requires deeper analysis and more effort to improve. Nevertheless, when individual leaders courageously and doggedly examine the business and take calculated risks, they eventually succeed while those who are too afraid to question their processes experience more devastating failures. 

Take Time to Uncover Inefficiencies 
One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is the perception that there is too little time and money on hand to make critical changes. You may feel that it’s a waste of resources. Not so. Accepting the possibility that something isn’t optimal and taking time to fix it means that you are using your resources responsibly. 

Every business has hidden inefficiencies called shadow processes. Particularly, shadow processes lie where we cannot describe in detail how we get things done. Some employees even take pride in the fact that they don’t follow a written process or workflow. As if being in the dark all the time and barely squeaking by is admirable! Another source of inefficiency is that employees will solve a new problem and neglect to document how they reached a solution. 

If we must figure out the same process twice, we are doing unnecessary work. Documenting a process takes time. But doing research every time that circumstance arises wastes more time, overall. 

This is the basic message of Jaime Jay’s book, Quit Repeating Yourself. The book provides a way for business leaders to build a habit of documenting processes and workflows so that they and their workers can spend less time wandering around in the shadows. He offers actionable steps for becoming more efficient and reliable as an organization. It’s the nitty-gritty of reaching your dreams. If you are passionate about your calling, you must be diligent about the practical details. 


Time To Grow 

Redesigning your processes is worth your time, but what if you had a helper who didn’t cost your business anything? That’s where powerful new business automation tools such as DPA come into play. Data Processing Automation is a new, but unknown business growth hack poised to make a big impact in small and medium businesses. 

Using a simple discovery process, EfficientMe captures repetitive, mundane tasks of your workers and automates them using the powerful automation design tool, ElectroNeek. It costs you nothing out of pocket because DatCom takes a modest commission from the profits you uncover with automation. You get an immediate, positive impact on cashflow. 

What happens next is critical. DPA creates time for businesses to grow. EfficientME combines business automation with 2 powerful services designed to maximize the impact of automation. These 3 services work together to produce a synergistic effect. DPA helps you find time to cross-train and enhance your employees with Staff Enhancement so that you can redeploy them. They also learn how to think like business-minded people so that they can help uncover areas of inefficiency with Business Process Optimization. EfficientME is a unique solution where automation is only the beginning! 

What mistakes have helped you reach your business goals?