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If you’re under 50, you have never seen anything like the current inflation rate. The annual rate of inflation is 9.1% as of June, 2022. The last time the inflation rate was so high was in 1981 when it hit 9.8% for the calendar year. 

Most people who had personal financial responsibility in 1981 are over 60. It’s safe to say that the current generation of business owners are experiencing a challenge that they’ve never faced before. Economists expect high inflation to continue to the end of 2022. We all hope prices will fall in 2023, but the impact on cashflow for SMBs could be catastrophic. 

And the 2 most important questions facing you right now are: “What will you do about it, and are you going to act in time?” 

Fortunately, you have access to more information and resources than previous generations of business owners. You can look for answers online. You can huddle up with a mastermind group and seek the advice of thought leaders. 

On the other hand, it can be overwhelming to think about it all, and you don’t want to hire a business consultant that might not produce tangible results fast enough. Truth is, there are a lot of agencies looking for clients because they know they can leverage the economic uncertainty of the present moment. 

But what if you could get business optimization and efficiency without paying consulting fees? 

That’s how we work with our clients at DatCom. Only, we offer so much more than consulting. We use powerful tools such as Data Processing Automation and Business Process Optimization to streamline administrative work so that you can lean out your business operations. This enables you to redeploy your team to other areas such as customer service so that you can retain clients and make more sales. 

Our discovery process is free, and we don’t expect you to pay up front. You’ll see the results without having to lift a finger… except to click below and schedule a call with us!