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Welcome to the first issue of the DatCom Business Briefing, a weekly LinkedIn newsletter bringing you authoritative insights on increasing business efficiency. We bring you powerful content, tips, and inspiration to help you optimize and overcome. 

We’re excited to help you unleash the potential of your business to thrive during uncertain times, producing a workplace culture that shapes your employees to think like business owners. With the DatCom Business Briefing, you can expect outside-the-box thinking and powerful observations. 

The vision is to captivate and activate people to become all-stars. 

To do that, you must resolve the factors that keep people stuck in slow motion.  

  • Anxiety about setbacks or losses.  
  • Boredom in the office.  
  • Careless mistakes and rework 
  • A lack of fulfillment.  

These are symptoms pointing to deeper problems with modern work. And information technology is deeply embedded, woven throughout everything you do. 

We’ve been sharing business technology insights on our blog for years. Now, LinkedIn has given us the ability to extend our reach with this newsletter. 

For those just tuning in, DataCom is a technology firm that offers unique services to enhance your efficiency in areas you may not have dreamed possible. In addition to our standard technology services, we offer EfficientMe, which we designed to increase your business’ efficiency by 27% or more. 

What is EfficientMe? 

EfficientMe! is a game-changing set of 3 services to maximize human potential in the modern workplace: 

  • Pinpoint and automate repetitive and mundane office work to achieve powerful breakthroughs for business growth. 
  • Enhance staff to shine brighter than ever with bite-sized masterclasses. Help employees think and act like business owners. 
  • Optimize business processes using human ingenuity and computer intelligence to continuously discover the hidden inefficiencies that cost you profits. 


While other companies may offer services that focus on one of these areas, Only EfficientMe! combines them so that you can get a powerful synergistic effect to boost efficiency, agility, and profits.  

Why Efficiency is Essential, Right Now 

2020 shook us all. It wasn’t just the pandemic. It was the uncertainty of how things would change. Technology experts are saying that the digital transformation of society sped up by 7 years in 2020-21. 

2022 has been a year of uncertainty as well, and companies are struggling with unprecedented disruptions: 

  •  Inflation at 9.1% and the GDP falling for two consecutive quarters.  
  • Staffing struggles, businesses are struggling to find workers to fill jobs, especially women.  
  • Pandemic(s), working from home, 

Hate seeing your business struggle in the face of these stressors?  

There’s no time like the present to explore new ways to increase cash flow and streamline business processes. If you don’t change the way your business operates in a tough economy, you’ll be forced to change anyway… 

  • By laying people off… 
  • Scaling back operations… 
  • Or shuttering your precious business. 

But it doesn’t have to happen, and it’s easier than some people think… to have business efficiency, now! 


Watch what happened when one low-level employee started thinking and acting like a business owner: 

The Best is Yet to Come 

Over the next few editions of the DatCom Business Briefing, we’ll be exploring your need for these services in greater detail. You’ll also get a chance to see how they work across numerous industries, and so much more. 

So, subscribe to the DatCom Business Briefing and don’t miss out!