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The Beatles once asked: “Are you ready for a revolution?” Well, one of the deepest benefits of Data Processing Automation (DPA) is that it is part of an automation revolution. And the best revolutions are the ones that set people free. 

DPA sets people free by automating repetitive administrative tasks, enabling workers to bring more value to their organization. And every business needs to know why that is so important for business success. DPA is promising for people at every level of an organization, but all these people have different concerns. 
When I tell people about DPA, I usually see one of two different reactions. Some people immediately recognize the value. The kind of person who is always looking for ways to improve a process and increase productivity. They understand the potential for this exciting technology to change the nature of their work.  

Unfortunately, this type of person might not be in the position to decide for their organization. They are at the grassroots level, feeling the frustration of dealing with workplace inefficiencies that they cannot control. Problems that they would gladly solve for themselves if they could. 
The other type of person needs a different message. They need to hear a success story. They want to see results. How did it affect cash flow? How long did it take to implement? What challenges arose and how did the ultimate result make it all worthwhile? And if this person is a decision maker, how can it help their company reach business goals? 

Due to these two different perspectives, it’s our job to demonstrate that automating robotic office work is a true game-changer for businesses looking to solve numerous problems and inefficiencies. It’s a revelation because it frees human workers from robotic activity. 


Human Resources Are Your Most Important Asset 

Businesses need the right people to drive the organization at every level. But how invested are the rank-and-file workers doing back-office tasks? They want to perform well to earn their paychecks and advance their careers, but are they compelled to look for ways to make the work itself more efficient? It’s not really their job to solve problems, but it could be. 

With business automation like DPA, there’s no reason to continue paying people to do what a computer could perform 400 times faster. There’s no reason to pay for them to redo a task to correct errors when automation can do it right the first time, every time! 

And once that’s sorted out, the same people can be redeployed to more engaging and more valuable work based upon critical thinking, decision-making and creativity. Businesses will pay less for hiring and training. And it will be easier for organizations to retain their best talent because their work will be so much more rewarding. Back-office workers will have more opportunities to act as brand ambassadors for their company.  

A robust emphasis on the value of their workers always leads businesses to success in the end because the core of the company is based upon the gratitude of happy and healthy employees. It turns out that generosity and gratitude produce true growth and prosperity. 


A Quiet Automation Revolution? 

Adoption rates for business automation are increasing. Use cases and testimonials are mounting up, but why isn’t everyone knocking down the door to get this technology? It’s because of the nature of the technology and how to implement it. 

Numerous case studies indicate that business automation is successful at increasing productivity and improving workplace culture. For instance, a bank in the UK used tools like ours to achieve an 80% savings in processing costs for a particular service. Each morning, the bank opened faced with a mountain of customer accounts needing manual review by a 9-person team. The team hustled every day to finish by 3 pm. Using custom automation programming, they mopped it up by 11am! Then, they redeployed 9 employees into proactive customer account management roles, and their customer service reached awesome new heights. 

On the other hand, there are so many different testimonials for DPA that many businesses are still in the dark. Rather than solving one specific problem like accelerating payroll or making short work out of accounts receivable, it has the potential to solve a slew of problems for businesses because it can do so much. 

How can You Join the Automation Revolution? 

That is why the ideal provider of DPA services is a Managed Service Provider. Like a financial advisor or tax expert, an MSP’s main goal is to make time and money on behalf of their clients. Time and money the business can use to grow. Rather than using an understanding of tax codes and financial principles, an automation provider is going to develop custom software agents aligned with a business’ goals. 

As a partner with ElectroNeek, DatCom uses the ElectroNeek platform to provide customized, deep automation for businesses. 

This is how we do it at DatCom: 

  1. We discover automation opportunities without disrupting operations or invoicing you. 
  1. We show you exactly what we will do to recover missed earnings. 
  1. You take home your share and come out ahead. 
  1. Repeat the process. 

What’s Stopping You? 

We get the feeling that some people are hesitant to learn more about business automation because they feel like they are going into uncharted territory. Or they are afraid to get entangled in technology that keeps costing them money.  

We understand. We deal with technology service providers, too! But what we’re really talking about here is more of a pure profit partnership.