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So, your office is hiring right now. Seems like there’s more work than your staff can handle. I hope it’s because your business is growing! 

But it could mean that you’re falling behind and I know what it’s like. 

Yes, as a business owner for 34 years, I’ve had to hire people just to keep running smoothly and that’s a frustrating situation without a lot of wiggle room. 

It’s about keeping your promises, right? Commitments to your customers, your workers, your investors or donors, and your community. Most importantly, you need to hire people to keep promises to yourself. The promise to keep going and overcome. This is at the core of who we are as entrepreneurs! 

Whether you are hiring to expand or to serve your current client base, you have orders to process, products to deliver, and services to render. Supplies to procure and logistics to resolve. You have leads to generate, sales to close, accounts to settle and people to pay. Customers to satisfy. And you need help, so you feel like hiring is the answer. 

Here are 3 ways to approach your labor needs: 

Hire for the roles as defined 

The job roles at your company are an important part of your business processes and you know what you’re looking for in a candidate. Sure, your open positions feature a few adjustments for your current operations. Little tweaks that need to happen to keep the ship sailing.  

However, the roles that are at the core of your income-generating processes could mostly stay the same. The advantage here is that you won’t have to spend extra time or money on major restructuring. You may not have enough wiggle room to make those changes. You can keep doing things as they have been done and you can get the results that you’ve seen before. 

Redefine the roles at your company.  

On the other hand, you can redistribute the work. You can give more responsibility to your highest performing people. Promise them that the future is bright if they work harder for a while. Their sacrifices will pay off in the future with a bonus, a raise, or a promotion. And because you’re a good leader, you’ll be right there with them, getting your hands dirty in the greasy engine room while you also steer the ship. I’ve done that before because I want to do more if I’m asking my people to do more. And I’ll be the first one to take a pay cut, too. 

You can also hire within and establish new entry-level positions for less compensation. There are many options to choose from within the scope of redefining roles. The disadvantage is that you may be laying more burdens on your employees than necessary. The result is a delay in living up to your entrepreneurial vision.  

Is Hiring Really the Answer? 

I’ve done these things to sustain my business. I’ve also witnessed firsthand the kind of workplace where new employees quickly lose their aim to perform well when they aren’t developed to reach their full potential. They might have a strong resume and good references only to turn out to be a poor fit, costing your business a bundle in turnover costs. I’ve had employees who develop poor work habits such as taking advantage of breaks and showing up late, all because they don’t feel like my vision for the company is worth striving for. Bored, uninspired employees won’t help you keep your promises. 

But I can show you a new way to achieve your goals. And unlike most business consultants with a model for driving growth and increasing profits, it does not depend on your investment. It doesn’t depend on you following a model that worked for me in the past.  It depends on me. That is my promise. 

You won’t have to lift a finger because my company will do all the work to boost your business before you give us any money. 

Redefine Work with Automation 

Retooling is a timeless necessity when it comes to work. The goal is profit, but it also results in quality-of-life improvements for workers. Sure, new problems arise, but finding solutions is gratifying when it results in growth. The new wave of business automation technologies has incredible potential for small businesses like yours. 

More businesses are discovering that Data Processing Automation is an incredibly valuable way to achieve more with fewer employees. More importantly, it gives your business the room to refocus, restructure, and find profits in exciting new ventures.  

Automation takes away the boring, repetitive, unlovable work that people normally experience in the office and gives businesses the opportunity to cross train and develop their employees to take part in business strategy and decision making. 

Now, I’m eager to show you how it works. But first I want to tell you what it feels like. 

Automating your small business is like flying first class on an international flight without having to pay the fare. You might have a little wiggle room in coach, but first class is where you can really stretch your legs. You’ve got more agility and flexibility. You can think about where you’re going. Rather than slogging your way through work as usual, you can enjoy yourself. You don’t have to think about when the flight attendant is going to come by with the beverage cart. You don’t have to worry about being jostled, bumped, and annoyed by the people in your row.  

To top it off, everyone else “on the plane” can see that your company is in a better position with business automation. It feels like your business is in first class all the way! 

And since we do the discovery work and implement the automations without your investment, it’s like putting money in your pocket to fly first class. So, you can continue to hire for those positions, or you can fly first class with an extra wad of cash in your pocket!  

The choice is yours.