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Let’s face it, 27% or more of your staff’s workday consists of boring and unfulfilling repetitive actions. We are creatures of habit and go right on plugging away even if it makes us unhappy. Work won’t always be entertaining, but it should be fulfilling. And most people are not even aware that the source of their unhappiness at work is due to unoptimized workflows and inefficiencies. 

Eighty percent of all organizations do not teach their employees daily about how to function efficiently and proficiently, perpetuating inefficiencies within every business due to unfulfilled staff. 

According to the advisory resource, IDC, businesses lose 27 – 30 percent of profits each year due to inefficiencies.    

Inefficiency in business administration costs money, wastes time, diminishes work quality, increases risk, and prevents you from focusing on the strategic decisions that drive your business forward. 

Money – 14% of profits lost to hidden inefficiencies. 

Time – up to 27% of employee’s inefficient daily activity can be reduced. 

Work Quality – repetitive mundane work creates errors. 

Risk to organization increases due to errors. 

Strategy – incorrect trajectory of a business can be incredibly costly. 

No business is unaffected by inefficiencies, and every business should assess their processes on a regular basis. Even a single percentage point of improvement can translate into significant revenue gains. It’s more than worth considering. 


What is Data Processing Automation (DPA)? 

Data Processing Automation (DPA) is one of 3 services offered as a part of our EfficientME!  It is an emerging form of clerical process automation technology based on software performing the work that humans once performed. 

Data Processing Automation results in a 27% more efficient use of staff. Once automated, risks to the organization due to human error are reduced to zero. Computers work 24/7 on clerical data entry tasks and your staff can be used for a more valuable task that they will likely enjoy. 

And just imagine what would happen during peak times of increased workload. Instead of increasing stress during your busiest season, your people will be energized by the thought of increased productivity and profits when you need them at peak performance. “The Holiday rush” won’t mean stress and grumpiness, but productivity and year-end bonuses!  

Clear away stress and banish that feeling of being overwhelmed by mundane tasks, and your entire company will become a healthier and happier place to work. Happy employees working in a stress-free environment work smarter, paving the way for increased profits. 

In your current setup, what would happen if a new employee made the same mistake while entering data on 50 records? Not only would you have to discover the error, but someone would have to take the time to fix it on every record. With DPA, it would be as simple as creating an automated script to put the right information in each field of each record, every time. 

Are the wheels in your head turning about how we can make DPA work for your organization?