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Like many other financial processes at a business, payroll processing is tedious and tense. Employees want to know that their paycheck is going to come on time. This is particularly critical in smaller businesses where only a few people are responsible for payroll. If key personnel call in sick, and the checks aren’t cut, a business will be in violation of federal and state regulations. Even worse, owners lose the trust of their employees. Late paychecks are the ultimate sign of inefficient management. 

But business owners and HR teams can trust a Data Processing Automation (DPA) to complete payroll processes faster than ever before. In one case study, DPA achieved up to 85% faster payroll processing with 0 errors. In an era of viral waves bringing sickness and downtime, small business owners can benefit most from payroll solutions that are immune to human diseases and manual processing errors. HR departments can focus on analyzing employee performance data to give managers a better understanding of their workforce. 

The Payroll Problem 
Payroll processing often involves reconciling data from point of sale, enterprise management, and HR software, consuming significant time and creating errors that may negatively impact an organization. Things can become even more complicated when multiple payroll calculation methods are used for different employee cohorts, creating the need for an interim payroll table.  

Automation of such manual tasks is hugely beneficial to small business owners, management, accounting professionals and HR teams. 

With DatCom’s Data Processing Automation (DPA) service, you can accelerate payroll processing at your business, saving on labor and making time for higher value work. And since DPA results in 0 data entry errors, you’ll never have to stress about getting it right. 

How it works 

  • Logs into business accounting, PoS, and HR systems to collect data  
  • Reconciles actual hours worked and budgeted hours  
  • Notifies managers of any variations (beyond threshold) by email  
  • Processes earning and deduction batches  
  • Executes tax reconciliations at the end of the quarter/year Generates reports on benefit deductions 

And it does it 575 times faster than your fastest workers. DPA works with any financial software because it interfaces with it much like a human worker would, but without making any mistakes. Without being pulled away by a distraction or taking a break to browse social media. 

Every day, thousands of dollars are lost to shadow processes because employees struggle against human nature stay on task when they are doing a tedious job. With DPA, manual computer labor is a relic of the past. 

Email Tom Baum for more information on how DPA can transform your business to eradicate inefficiencies and enhance profits in 2022.