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If you own or manage a small business right now, you know that inflation is extremely high. While the average worker feels the pain at the pump and at the supermarket register, you feel it when you look at your expenses for sourcing materials and shipping products. You feel it when you must match competitive wages to hire the talent you need to keep your business going. 

The annual inflation rate for the United States is a shocking 9.1% for the 12 months leading up to June 2022. It’s the largest annual increase since November 1981. US residents haven’t had to deal with such a high Consumer Price Index for a generation. 

And that’s just the recorded average. It’s driven by a 138% increase in gasoline prices and other energy costs. Enterprise corporations are also taking advantage of the situation by ensuring that their profit margins are still increasing. 

Nevertheless, the recorded average has been increasing dramatically throughout 2021 and 2022. And when we reach the next inflation update in August, we have no reason to believe that it will be going down. 

And that means businesses are going to be in big trouble, soon. 

Fortunately, you have an incredible opportunity if your business processes rely on computer technology. 

What is that? 

Small and medium-sized businesses are discovering that they can automate anywhere from one third to one half of the repetitive tasks that their clerical workers perform every day. 

Previously, the tools were only available to enterprise businesses, but now, SMBs can hire IT professionals such as our team at DatCom to create custom software that will help them not only to survive, but to compete with larger companies. 

Unlocking an unprecedented amount of their worker’s time means that they don’t have to hire when someone leaves. It also means that they can provide greater customer service at a time when holding on to your current client base is critical. 

The best part about our service model is that, unlike other IT companies, we do our own discovery work and split the savings without charging an implementation fee. 

We view it as a true partnership with businesses who want to thrive at a time when the temptation is merely to survive. 

Look at those inflation numbers again. 

Can you really afford to wait? 

All we ask is for you to investigate our answers for the success of your business, right now. 

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