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In this edition of the DatCom Business Briefing, you’ll find out about some new malware threats for 2023 and beyond. You’ll also learn how businesses of any size can receive better value cybersecurity support. 

In today’s digital age, businesses are facing more and more malware threats than ever before. Unfortunately, traditional antivirus providers are having difficulty keeping up with the constantly evolving techniques of cyber criminals. There are two main reasons for this: hackers evolve their techniques quickly and constantly, and the digital ecosystem is expanding faster than ever before. 

According to Forbes, cybercriminals are smart enough to penetrate 93% of company networks, using new kinds of malware that can stop a business in its tracks. 

New Malware Threats 

One new form of malware that has become increasingly popular among hackers is “fileless” malware. This type of malware is hidden within documents, images, or other files that appear to be safe. Not only that, but it can even hide within hardware components and ruin them. This form of malware is effectively invisible to traditional signature-based antivirus. Over the past two years, fileless malware has increased by about 900%.  

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Another emerging threat in 2023 is the use of AI to develop and deploy malware. Within days of the release of Open AI’s ChatGPT, hackers were already experimenting with it to write phishing emails and code scripts for gaining access to computer networks. Most alarming is the fact that bad actors can quickly learn how to use AI to develop malware with capabilities they couldn’t have achieved on their own. Of course, AI security experts will also be using AI to defend against malware. Nevertheless, most businesses won’t leverage the latest defenses and will be vulnerable. 

Additionally, there are more devices and endpoints connected to office networks, home networks, and public Wi-Fi, which provides more attack vectors for hackers. 

Managing Malware in 2023

When choosing an antivirus solution, it is critical to have absolute certainty that it will work effectively. DatCom’s Guardian antivirus provides a top-shelf solution that won’t break the bank and won’t slow down your business with needless interruptions. It is called Guardian because none of our clients have ever been infected with malware. 

DatCom’s Guardian antivirus is superior to traditional antivirus software because it goes beyond detection to 100% prevention and protection.  

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Traditional antivirus only identifies known malware signatures, and if it doesn’t know about it, it can’t protect against it. Since hackers constantly evolve their techniques, traditional antivirus solutions eventually become ineffective. DatCom’s antivirus, on the other hand, proactively protects against known and unknown viruses without slowing down your employees’ workflow. 

In addition to traditional antivirus protection, DatCom’s Guardian antivirus uses a proactive and unique approach to antivirus. It provides detection and protection for known threats, virtualization for unknown threats, and expert knowledge to analyze activities.  

Virtualization is a key feature of zero-trust computer environments. When unknown and potentially harmful activities occur, DatCom Guardian isolates the activity within a virtual environment.  

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If the unknown activity is the result of a virus infection, it can’t harm your computers or encrypt your data. The offending element is effectively in time-out. While this zero-trust procedure may result in legitimate activity being isolated, it won’t slow your computers down or prevent people from working. And if the activity is coming from within an important file that you wan’t to save, DatCom Guardian can clean and restore the file so that you don’t lose your data. 

More about Malware, Next Week 

Cybersecurity is critical for business stability and efficiency these days, and we have more to say in the following weeks, including details about what makes DatCom Guardian a superior antivirus solution. Stay tuned!