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We decided right away that DatCom would become a clear authority in bringing automation to a wider audience. We center the conversation on making organizations more efficient so that modern work can be more rewarding and more profitable for everyone involved. Our goal with automation as a service is to help businesses access the full potential of their best employees, their performance pioneers. 

That’s why we chose to impact the conversation on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by giving it a new name, Data Processing Automation, (DPA).  

Humans VS. Robots 
It’s inevitable. When thought leaders in business talk about automation, there will be concerns over “robots replacing humans.” These concerns are worth considering because, at the end of the day, people are more valuable as decision-makers at every level of an organization. The true value of automation is not in replacing human workers, but in replicating their best work at higher speeds so that they can do new value-added work for their organization. 

That’s why we don’t talk about Robots at DatCom. Often, new technology gets its name from its earliest innovators. Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) is no exception. But when we started thinking about it, we wanted to get away from the perception that automation is merely about reducing headcounts to widen profit margins for big companies. It’s more about accessing the full potential of computers for the sake of human workers. 

Making the Most of your Best Workers 
Think about it. Managers and business owners evaluate their employees based upon standards of performance using metrics and data. Naturally, we want all our employees to consider what makes higher performers reach those standards. Furthermore, we want our employees to meet or exceed their own productivity from month to month. High performers are like pioneers forging a path for others to follow. That path should be visible to managers and repeatable. 

One of the most illuminating benefits of DPA is the ability to capture the most efficient employee processes and reuse them for maximum productivity. A smart employee is going to use their most productive days as feedback. An even smarter employee is going to take their least productive days as neutrally as possible to see where they went wrong. Then, they can do what it takes to revisit their most efficient activities and replicate them. DPA allows businesses to capture the activities of their performance pioneers and repeat them. 
Take the daily computer-based workflows of an office worker. On a good day, that staff member is going to flow from task to task without getting derailed. DPA allows you to record that efficient activity and play it back at even faster speeds. You can then put that same process into the hands of all your workers. With just a few clicks of a mouse, they can use their office computers to initiate those outstanding workflows. This gives them more time to build their skills and work in new fields of opportunity. For example, they can bring their expertise to improving customer experience. The possibilities for business growth are truly staggering. 

Going Beyond Automation 

And this is another area where DatCom is going the extra mile. We are going beyond automation to help businesses solve the problem of what to do with their valuable personnel once their data processing tasks are automated. We call it Staff Enhancement because we know that the next logical step in improving workplace culture is to develop individual staff members to be the best that they can be. 

We want to be a one-stop shop for business efficiency, so that’s why we are developing a staff enhancement service. 

Automation is a powerful new tool that can bring dramatic business growth to small and medium sized organizations. DatCom is forging ahead to answer the questions that these exciting opportunities pose. 

Are you content with the status quo of office computing. How do you search for ways to improve processes at your organization? Let us know in the comments!