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Millennials in business leadership roles are facing unprecedented challenges. Older millennials pushed through the 2008 recession, but they’ve never seen a 9.1% annual inflation rate. High inflation, labor shortages, and logistics problems in the wake of the pandemic are putting 30–40-year-old owners and managers through a gauntlet of adversity. They’ll have to take some risks in business to weather the storm. 

Unfortunately, millennials seem to have garnered a reputation for being risk-averse.  

At least, that’s what some research seems to say. On the other hand, there are good reasons to believe that millennials are risk-savvy. Some thought leaders say that millennials take fewer risks because they know how to pick and choose when to make their moves. 

What makes them risk-savvy? 

Millennials are methodical and analytical. They grew up with the Internet and are more likely to have been to college. So, they know how to do research and which sources to trust. They aren’t going to make a big decision in business until they weigh every factor. 

Furthermore, millennials want to work for a cause they can believe in, so they take risks when they see an opportunity to do something truly good in the world.  

Now is the perfect time for younger business leaders to make an impact on the modern workplace.  

Why now? 

2020 was a big shakeup, but it accelerated digital transformation by 5 years. Technology enables this transformation, but there’s also a big mindset shift going on among workers. They want more flexibility, and working from home provides that, but they also want more meaningful work. The pandemic released a lot of office workers from the rat race, and they embraced it as an opportunity to find more fulfillment in their work. 

Some millennials are achieving this by starting their own businesses. They’re taking their corporate experience and making the leap into entrepreneurship. And if that’s you, we’re rooting for your dreams! 

On the other hand, some are not ready to make that leap. And yet they still want more out of a career than sitting in front of a desk, answering emails and plugging in numbers. 

And that’s where DatCom’s unique services come in. We make businesses leaner and more efficient with business automation, but we also train staff to see their organization with the eyes of a business owner. This enables them to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset within their organization.  

We’re convinced that transforming employees into highly productive and efficient individuals is just a matter of applying the right tools and techniques. Tools that remove mundane work and save time. Techniques that meet people where they are to bring them into a new world of creative possibilities. 

Millennials, here’s your chance to let go of the mundane and live the creative life you were born to experience!