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Your Nation Needs You to make IT security a Priority!
The Russian aggression against Ukraine is quickly escalating to a global crisis. Are you doing your part to protect our critical infrastructure from Russian cyber-security threats?

DatCom is a Texas technology firm that provides enterprise IT solutions for organizations of all sizes.

We are closely monitoring the cybersecurity situation arising from this conflict. Forbes recently published an article saying that Russian cyberthreats have increased by 800% since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began just days ago.

In the spirit of helping our neighbors, we are reaching out to our fellow Texans to make you aware of our services. We know that the point of Russian cyber aggression is to impact and destabilize our critical infrastructure. They are using new forms of malware that will spread and destroy systems with inadequate IT security.

We are confident that our Unified Threat Management system is protecting our clients in DFW, Houston, and everywhere in between. Our ironclad backup system can restore compromised networks to operational status quickly, should any of our safeguards fail.

  • > Unified Threat Management for peerless protection from cyber attacks
  • > Redundant backup can be restored in minutes
  • > 24/7 monitoring and maintenance
  • > Get $500 back for any computer that gets a virus on our watch
  • > $1 Million data loss prevention liability insurance for every client
  • > DatCom has never had a client computer infected

We hope you have everything you need already in place. Even so, we have decided to give our fellow Texans special attention during this time. Feel free to pass this page on to anyone in a position to help our communities meet the Russian cybersecurity threat head-on.

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