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Let’s face it, there are tasks that you do every day that take up too much of your precious time. Time that could be spent doing what you love. The feeling of loss when you spend too much time on a task that isn’t producing is helpful feedback that something is wrong. 

Why is that? 

People are born to transform their environment. Whether that means designing furniture, or serving businesses to make them more fruitful, people long to see the work of their hands enhance life. And if the work you do is a source of boredom, burnout, and stress it’s because your brain is telling you that you were made for more. 

I love aviation. But what if you saw someone driving an airplane across the country on the ground? You’d laugh at the absurdity of it. Planes are made to fly!  

But what if that’s what you’re really doing when you sit down at your desk every day? Click. Type. Copy. Paste. Tab. Drag. Email. Crash. You know the truth.  

You were born to fly!  And if you’re a business leader, it’s worse because the people you supervise are rolling along the ground right behind you. 

What happens to a small business when everyone is doing work that leaves them unfulfilled? 

A poor environment that sees every employee distracted, listless, and overwhelmed. Profit margins shrink, salaries remain stagnant, and the best you can do is pay a high price to patch the problem, rather than solve it for good.  

Businesses spend a lot to raise employee morale. Cheering people up so that they can push through boring work can be effective, but it doesn’t treat the root of the problem. Going back to the airplane analogy: It’s like painting bright colors on tailfins to improve morale, but the planes are still rolling along on the ground. 

But there is a better way! 

If your people can’t find a stretch of runway to get up to speed, they’ll never take off, and neither will your business, especially in uncertain economic times. 

My passion in life is to see the people in small and medium businesses fly, and I have just the tools to make that happen in your organization at no cost to your business. 

How amazing is that! 

  1. Your office workflows are full of opportunities to drastically reduce repetitive and dull computer tasks. We use technology to make you more efficient. Anywhere from 32-80%
  2. This leaves your employees with time to grow, and we have training modules designed to enhance your staff to be truly powerful and productive.
  3. Here’s where the magic happens. With your workplace transformed from the inside out, we can analyze and improve your processes to make your entire organization soar!

All aboard!