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You should expect a lot from the tech products and services you use in your business because they reflect your own commitment to providing excellent service for your clients. Pause to express gratitude for the technology you have.

 Let us show you what we mean.

Think about everything that’s happened in the last 3 years. A global pandemic that shut life down for months on end. Riots and demonstrations in the streets. Supply shortages. Cyber-attacks. A war between Russia and Ukraine. Sharp divisions in how we respond to every news cycle.

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And yet when we needed to shift the way we do business, we did it. We did what we could from home or on location with strict regulations for the sake of public health. Thanks to the technology that was in place when Covid hit, we could keep our businesses and non-profit organizations running.

The People Behind Our Technology

IT Professionals understand the true challenges of digital transformation, and we saw a massive change over the last few years. It’s not just the way people work, but how data is processed, stored, backed up, and protected from threats. What is an “outside threat” when everyone in your organization is literally outside?

It’s like learning to drive on the other side of the road!

We’re thankful for tools that allow us to monitor and protect all our clients 24/7 and resolve issues fast, even from afar. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into honing our tech stack. Can’t just base it all on the most tantalizing list of features or the best price. The true masters go deep.

We needed to believe in the people behind the product. They had to show us what they were made of. And sometimes we had to find out what we were made of. In this industry, a tool can be a challenge to learn. The best tech vendors know this, and they are responsive and competent, yet humble.

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People say that you are the product of the 5 people whom you spend the most time with. If that’s true for individuals, it can also be true for companies.

Seek the best and be the best. And do it all with deep gratitude for how far we’ve come.

The Hardware

Network infrastructure is a business asset that few people dwell on. That’s why we have tech people, right? We can’t all be experts, but we can recognize when technology helps us feel powerful and more decisive while doing business. And we can recognize it when it’s not.

Consider cars. When they first hit the scene, there weren’t as many classes of automobiles as there are today. We might not understand what’s going on under the hood, but we know the difference between a performance car and a budget hatchback.

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You know that new computer feeling? Materially, a new computer doesn’t change much. But the communication network all around it will change, and it will start to feel old. Your attitude will change because it can’t grow much throughout its lifecycle.

The same is true for business IT.

When you invest in updated IT infrastructure for the first time in a long time, it can feel great. All at once, your company is more powerful and agile. It’s safer because your information is safe in the hands of your good decision. The wisdom to drive your business with efficient and safe technology comes with experience. That experience is your hard-earned treasure, so be thankful. And use it for your people and your future.

The Software

Just look at all we can do today with software that we couldn’t do before! Yes, there are headaches from sloppy code and poor design. But thanks to robust web applications and open integrations, we can do so much more as knowledge workers and business owners today.

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This is especially true when it comes to software that we use to engage clients and customers. Zoom is almost as much a part of our vocabulary as Kleenex these days.

Raise your hand if you:

  • Communicate with your coworkers on Slack.
  • Send quick explainer videos with Loom.
  • Post to multiple social media platforms with Hootsuite
  • Create beautiful designs with Canva.
  • Edit videos with Davinci Resolve.

And the truth is that there are often powerful alternatives depending on what you value most.

Final Thoughts

Technology frustrations are a part of everyday life, but there are good answers for those who ask, seek, and knock. Often, your attitude toward technology reflects who you are. If you are thorough and decisive and seek affirmative connections with others, you will find your way. You’ll experience the warmth of gratitude, even with technology.

 And that’s a great thing.

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