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Welcome back! This edition of the DatCom Business Briefing includes an overview of the 3 areas of business efficiency that are critical to the success of a company. You’ll also learn more about the EfficientMe Way of targeting these 3 areas to bring additional efficiency and agility. 

3 Areas of Business Efficiency 

People, processes, and technology must be working together harmoniously for a business to achieve high efficiency. When we talk about business efficiency, worker wellness is essential because happy, healthy people are a company’s most valuable asset. 

The trouble is… there’s a massive mismatch between people and the technology they use at work, leading to unoptimized business processes. 

Think about it: What do people do every day at their computers that makes them feel like robots? 

  • Keying information into spreadsheets 
  • Copying and pasting from one application to another 
  • Uploading/sharing/emailing files 

It’s digital paper-pushing. It’s boring. And it’s easy for workers to lose focus because distractions are baked right into the tool. Workers might have notifications popping up, emails chiming in, and a dozen tabs open on 3 browsers across 2 monitors.  

Many people think that multitasking is a desirable skill. Not true! Research shows that it destroys productivity by 40%, costing billions of dollars annually. Even worse, it harms the human brain. 

The result is needless errors, hours of rework, and bottlenecks that cost businesses mountains of money.  

But there’s a better way, the EfficientMe Way! 

The concept of EfficientMe is to continuously improve an organization by targeting these 3 areas where inefficiency hurts the most. 

Target Technology with Data Processing Automation (DPA) 

DPA is a relatively new form of business automation. It starts with discovering the daily office tasks of employees that are critical to the business. Then, a developer writes custom software to automate as many tasks as possible. It’s a form of business infrastructure that increases its ability to produce. The more of this infrastructure you add, the faster your business can execute its moneymaking processes. 

This dramatically increases the turnaround time for processing documents like invoices and work orders, transferring data between systems and spreadsheets, and gaining approval from decision-makers. With speed and precision, DPA even works across multiple unintegrated applications. 

The most important thing about DPA is that it results in a minimum 27% increase in efficiency. That’s like saving 12 hours of work a week per employee. You could send those workers home early, but that’s not the EfficientMe Way. Instead, train them to bring even more value to the company! 

Activate Human Potential with Staff Enhancement 

Do you ever wish that other people could just see “the big picture?” 

Everyone wants that, but it’s the rare individual who can effectively inspire others to see the world in a fresh way. 

Staff Enhancement is all about activating people to think and act like business owners.  

  • The kind of person who thinks and acts more like an owner or executive. 
  • Employees for whom efficiency is top of mind. 
  • Staff who offer the same level of service you do. 
  • People you want as the face of your company. 


Most employee development platforms promise a measurable increase in productivity in the future. But EfficientME has already carved out time for itself!   

Staff Enhancement capitalizes on the time savings generated by DPA to deliver bite-sized masterclasses, daily. Baseline testing allows employees to see their own improvement over time. Monitoring for improvement allows you to make smarter decisions about how to use your staff to their fullest potential.  

EfficientMe masterclasses are 10-12 minutes because they follow the Kaizen method.  

Now this is where things get even more interesting because: 

This Japanese concept of continuous improvement through small changes to daily habits allows people to grow without triggering a resistance response.  

It’s not a secret because there are many books written about Kaizen. It just so happens that it works perfectly within the EfficientMe paradigm of optimizing people, technology, and processes. 

Business Process Optimization (BPO) 

Enhancing staff makes it possible for the entire team to optimize the business itself. Successful business owners know that they need to spend their time working on their business and not in their business. Time spent working on the business is time spent making it more productive and valuable. If you want a business that’s worth more to a potential buyer, you need a business with optimized systems and processes, period.  

To get there, your company needs a culture of documenting and improving your systems and processes. Fortunately, the discovery work that is a part of DPA is itself a documentation process. Employees learn how to document their work so that a portion of it can be automated and all of it can be optimized. 

When you document your systems and processes, you reduce the invisible shadow processes that keep you from seeing what is really going on under the hood.  

BPO is a form of business analysis using software to find inefficiencies and recommend changes to your business activities. In other words, we survey everything you do at your organization and identify the things that slow you down and waste resources.  Some businesses operate with greater efficiency than others, but continuous optimization is necessary for everyone because the factors that impact your profits are always in flux.  

At DatCom, we are always working on our own systems and processes. It’s a way of life, the EfficientMe Way!