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Of all the potential causes for a deficit within the office environment, the physical office itself isn’t likely to first come to mind. Even so, the value of establishing certain practical design and organization strategies have shown to improve employee morale, collaboration, and productivity. While these solutions may not be for every office, if your company is experiencing hindrances in productivity, these tactics may be beneficial implementations to incorporate within your business.

Keep it Clear
Are the desks in your office cluttered with papers, equipment, and other items that are keeping employees from completing their work? If so, it may be time to distribute more storage solutions to encourage your employees to keep their desk clear and relatively distraction free. Otherwise, you could institute the many solutions available to help your business go paperless. Document management solutions can allow many employees to access, edit, and collaborate on the same document without the expense and mess of multiple paper copies.

If office clutter is caused more by the equipment your employees use, there are a variety of solutions that can assist in reducing the amount of real estate this equipment takes up. Office telephony is clunky and expensive and may easily be replaced by a space- and cost-efficient, hosted VoIP solution. As far as wires are concerned, if not properly managed, they can quickly become a distracting waste of space. Fortunately, there is a trend in manufacturing to assist in managing and concealing wires at the workstation. If data storage, whether it’s incorporated into each employee’s workstation or housed in a large on-premises drive, is creating a space deficit, a cloud solution can reduce the amount of in-house storage needed to maintain operations.

Provide Spaces to Collaborate
If your business needs to keep its lines clear to contact clients, limiting the availability of VoIP communication, or if a face-to-face conversation is simply the more effective option when it comes to collaborating on a project, it is best to have a space dedicated to communal work. This can be as simple as a large table set aside for groups to utilize, or as complex as mobile workstations and adjustable equipment. A highly effective approach to encourage positive, organized group work is a concept known as a war room.

A war room is simply a dedicated space designed to engage the spatial memory of those using it. By putting a certain piece of information in a certain space, it becomes easier to remember. By filling a room with whiteboards (or even rolling whiteboards) and movable furniture, you create the ideal space for a group to meet and create a plan that can be referenced and adjusted as needed.

Prepare for the Worst
If disaster struck your office, be it fire, flood, or failure of some essential equipment, would you still have a way to safely access your data in order to continue your operations? These circumstances, along with any others that would qualify as a disaster, are why one of your most important office setup considerations should be completely removed from the office. To fully protect your data, the most advisable course of action is to use an off-premises, isolated backup solution that can restore your data, should it ever be lost.

While many considerations are totally yours to act upon when setting up a workspace, DatCom, LLC can provide the expertise to be sure any of your technical systems will meet the very high standards you need them to reach. Give us a call at (903) 320-5330 for help with any of your technology needs.