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When you find the kind of promising talent that will drive your business, you don’t want the onboarding process to be slow, awkward, or confusing. Data Processing Automation (DPA) uses software to automate common and repeatable tasks in Human Resources. Believe it or not, automation can make the complete process more personal. 

Onboarding usually requires tasks like: 

  • Filling out forms and legal documents 
  • Distributing and installing software 
  • Creating IT access accounts 
  • Establishing employee records 
  • Creating physical badges or key fobs 
  • Requisitioning the right equipment 
  • Ordering uniforms 

Human workers make mistakes that could be embarrassing. Just imagine high-value talent getting to work without the right access privileges or software packages in place. DPA makes everything in the onboarding process happen fast, smooth, and smart. 

When a new hire fills out onboarding paperwork, DPA can automatically send that information to every other system. Your company wastes no time with data entry or setting up accounts. Even better, DPA can process this all automatically so that you will not have to pay wages for onboarding a new employee. This will increase the percentage of ROI for your new hire. 

DPA also effectively integrates all your software so that your applications can talk to each other and share information. This allows you to get around design hurdles in legacy or disconnected software to streamline work across multiple interfaces. DPA uses your software the way a human worker does.  

So, instead of human workers across several departments waiting on each other to finish a task, the entire process happens automatically. Remarkably, this means that onboarding steps can happen over the weekend or during the night. Your recruit will be ready to go on day 1. 

It is empowering for new hires to feel like they belong on the team from day one. Rather than feeling like an outsider because the onboarding process is not complete, they can spend their first days distinguishing themselves as an important member of the team. Therefore, automation makes onboarding more personal than using people to take care of onboarding loose-ends. 

Obviously, every onboarding process is going to be different, but that’s the beauty of DPA. We can build automation solutions for your business based upon your workflows.   

And we can do that across every department at your company to streamline office workflows for faster data entry and processing. We tailor the service to your priorities, goals, and vision.   

DPA is just one of 3 services in EfficientMe! We designed all 3 services to bring unprecedented growth to businesses to make them more agile, more competitive, and more profitable.