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Redundant and mundane activity is common in all organizations. Plus, it’s costly and inefficient. 

Inefficiency in business administration costs money, wastes time, diminishes work quality, increases risk and prevents you from focusing on the strategic decisions that drive your business forward. 

Data Processing Automation (DPA) resolves these issues by enhancing efficiency in areas of your organization that you may not have known were even possible. 

If your business is operating “as usual”, you’re likely losing 14% of your profits to hidden inefficiencies and wasting time on up to 27% of your workers’ repetitive tasks. As your employees trudge through their day doing the same things over and over, they make mistakes, increasing the risk of a major setback. Is your business really on the right track, strategically without considering a workable solution to these problems? 

Well, there’s a solution to the problem and you can work smarter, not harder and retain more profits. 

More organizations are turning to data process automation (DPA) to eliminate tedious tasks, freeing workers to focus on higher-value work that only humans can do. 

DPA consists of five steps: 


We begin with a thorough analysis of your data processing activities. We capture tasks that are repetitive, time sensitive, involve multiple people, require compliance, impact other processes, are standardized, and have the potential for a high return on investment. We laser in on these tasks and create a visual process map of the system. These can be in invoicing, sales orders, accounting, data entry, system queries, payroll, and employee on-boarding or termination, just to list a few. 



Next, we research and apply software solutions that can automatically perform these tasks. We look for solutions that are simple and easy to understand. They will also be scalable and flexible so that you can adapt to future growth. We do this with your input and assistance so that processes are carried out correctly. We ensure that programming is keyed to specific performance indicators so that you can know when your goals have been achieved. 


Once the programming solutions are in place, we will test them to ensure that they achieve the desired results. These tools are not intended to be set-in-stone. Monitoring, measurement, and adjustment will ensure that your system remains at peak performance. The costs of this maintenance and upkeep are truly negligible compared with the profits. The definition of efficiency is to spend only that which is necessary for maximum productivity and maintaining your new DPA solutions will be much cheaper than the cost of labor. 

After your DPA solutions have been fully tested, we will enter the operations phase in which you work with the software and reap the benefits that Data Processing Automation provides. The full life cycle of the software will include necessary updates and bug fixes, but you staff will be expert users in no time, able to train new employees in how to use it. 

Throughout the life cycle of your DPA solutions, we will regularly seek feedback from you so that we can continue offering excellent service and support. Your satisfaction is our top priority! 


What once took hours for a human to perform will only take minutes for the computer, relieving the individual to perform higher valued tasks, become more efficient at their daily work, reduce stress and errors while reducing work hours and of course increase operational efficiency which increases profits. 


“Helping People, Processes, and Technology work together – Smarter”