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It’s not the number of employees you have, but how you use them. Discover how the powerful combination of 3 unique services can revolutionize your business, making it more efficient, agile, and profitable.

Everyone struggles to make the most of their time. It’s not an HR problem—it’s a human problem.

This human problem also adds up to a financial problem. Wasted time and inefficient employees rack up trillions of dollars in lost productivity every year.

People are overloaded with information and the prevailing sense that they simply aren’t “enough” to accomplish everything they want. We tend to think that by simply doing more of what we are already doing, we will be more productive and fulfilled. But at the end of the day, it feels like our output falls short of our input. What’s wrong with us? When we add together our days of being at work, it often seems like 1+1 = ½.

Let’s not lie to ourselves! Repetitive, uninspired work is always mundane and creates an environment ripe for human errors. Careless multi-tasking kills productivity and all of this amounts to employees who are costing organizations more than they realize.

Companies are not simply losing the cost of wages and benefits for that individual’s inefficiency. Businesses are missing out on the wonderful effects of synergy. Synergy is the phenomenon we experience when 1+1 is greater than 2. It’s about increasing the value of individuals and departments through leveraging technology and making good management decisions.

EfficientMe! Is a powerful synergy of 3 services to make an entire organization more efficient, increasing profits, producing a healthy organizational environment, and paving the way for smooth operations.

The three services are:

  • Data Processing Automation
  • Staff Enhancement
  • Business Process Optimization

Many companies choose to address these areas independently, if at all. For example, a business may offer a gym membership to its employees to reduce the cost of health insurance. This might result in some degree of personal improvement but is disconnected from the vision of having a business where the staff’s health and physical fitness are valuable resources that can contribute to production. But when physical, mental, and emotional health are all a part of a comprehensive Staff Enhancement program, personal development is a part of the business culture, enhancing the whole organization.

Any one of the services is powerful, but the combined synergistic effect of all 3 services can produce a 200% stronger impact.

By rethinking your organization’s approach to work and by making cultural changes that support employees, you can save thousands of dollars per employee annually. Additionally, you can increase profits by using the free time of 12 hours per week per employee to add additional sales with no increase to overhead.

More importantly, you can build a company where employees are empowered to bring their best and do their best work. In this environment, there are no losers.

“Helping People, Processes, and Technology work together – Smarter”

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