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In this edition of the DatCom Business Briefing we have solutions for 5 headaches or pain points that business leaders face. If you’re facing any of these problems, make it a goal to knock them out for good in 2023. 

“My Service Vendors Keep Blaming One Another” 

This headache is a doozy! 

Don’t you hate it when a technology vendor won’t take responsibility for a problem because they say the fault lies with another service or product? Their tactics might work with your employees, but they won’t work with you.  

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Vendor Finger-Pointing

As a leader, you specialize in orchestrating people to get things done despite obstacles. But tech support personnel at another company are not your people. They are trained to stay in their lane, so deal with them accordingly. 

Naturally, most tech support representatives aren’t equipped to resolve problems that are dependent on other vendors in a timely manner. They have a playbook to follow, and they might not have the authority to escalate a multi-vendor problem. Don’t waste time being frustrated with their range of motion. 

Instead, make a beeline for someone with responsibility. The people authorized to meet your needs. 

Your best bet is to have a competent IT leader on your side who knows how to deal with vendors. Someone who knows how to transcend the rigamarole of a troubleshooting cycle to reach the right people at each company. They should also have excellent tools for monitoring your technology so that they can inform the vendors of what is really happening on your end. It’s also their job to quickly and effectively document the problem and show proof of where the problem is occurring. 

Another effective avenue is to contact your customer service representative with each company. It’s their job to make sure you’re happy. They might not understand the technical details, but they know how to find the person at their company who will take responsibility for fixing your problem.  

You’ll succeed if you deal with people according to their level of responsibility and show your gratitude when they meet your needs. 

Hack this headache by partnering with a truly professional Managed Service Provider to streamline your tech support needs with vendors. 

“My phone system is expensive, and my employees and customers hate it.” 

Traditional phone systems have some advantages, such as comprehensive emergency access and a separate power source. However, it’s also possible to maintain a single landline and use cellular service to pick up the slack when the power goes out. They offer a feeling of security that is linked with life before the widespread availability of high-speed Internet. 

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Traditional phone systems can be a headache!

However, traditional phone systems are more expensive, especially when trying to grow a business. For every user, you’ll need additional phones, and you need the right number of phone lines for your business volume.  

Voice over IP systems (VOIP) are much less expensive because they don’t use traditional phone lines. They work by transforming audio into digital packets that travel over the Internet. With VOIP, you don’t need a phone handset. All you really need is a computer or smart device with audio output and a microphone. Workers can place or answer calls with their “work phone” from anywhere. 

VOIP phone systems are easier for your workers to use, but they also enhance your customer experience in several ways. It’s easier to transfer calls so that the customer can talk to the right person to address their concerns. You can also append notes to specific calls and pass those on to the appropriate party. With a VOIP system, you’ll build trust with your customers, driving sales and saving money to boot! 

Solve this headache by switching to VOIP in 2023

 “Our website is old, uninviting, and doesn’t seem to generate sales leads.” 

You spent a lot of time and money to establish your site 10 years ago. But now it doesn’t look as crisp as it once did, and it doesn’t really seem to make a difference in terms of sales.  

Face it, you need professional help at an affordable price so that your website can do more work than an ad in the yellow pages! 

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Here are some steps you can take, and the people who will help you along the way: 

  • Revamp the copy on your website to persuade and connect prospects with your products. A copywriter is a person who knows how to use a few words to make a big connection. And make no mistake, it’s not about being slick or tricky. It’s about matching your offerings with their needs. It’s about giving buyers a frictionless path to choose your products. At the same time, a good copywriter can make your website appear more often in organic Google searches. 
  • Hook your website into your sales flow with Customer Relationship Management software (CRM). There are many CRMs with a lot of the same features. In your search, prioritize exceptional customer support and choose a CRM that works best for your industry. 
  • Use your website to generate leads for email marketing campaigns. A CRM can help you with this. A copywriter can write irresistible emails that nurture prospects and drive sales. 
  • Work with a website designer to revitalize the user interface of your site. 

 Cure this headache by working with a company that can boost your reach with digital marketing. 

“I’m not sure if my IT department is doing their best.” 

This headache is one of those that can quickly turn from a little nagger into something that makes you want to lie down in a dark room. 

We see it all the time in companies that are unsatisfied with their IT support. Sure, the IT people come to the rescue when problems arise. But are they really giving it their all? 

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In a recent survey, 40% of businesses claimed to have lost sales due to the lack of proper IT support, while 38% of the organizations surveyed said that their IT provider failed to offer suggestions for system improvements, leading to poor performance. 

Here are some questions to ask when evaluating your IT provider: 

  • Do they provide clear reports on when and where your anti-virus stopped a virus attempt? 
  • Do they proactively monitor all your machines 24/7 and anticipate performance issues before they cause downtime? 
  • Do they provide a clear technology purchasing plan for how to save money in the long run? 
  • Are their installations neat and tidy? 
  • Do they work with vendors on your behalf to make sure everything is working together harmoniously? 
  • Do they train your people on how to spot a social hacking or phishing attempt? 
  • Do they offer ways to enhance your business and increase productivity and profits? 

 Treat this headache by seeking a professional IT provider who deeply cares about your overall business success

 “My company is understaffed, and my employees are burning out.” 

Maybe you can’t afford to hire more talent right now. Maybe you can’t find the right people. There’s too much to do and not enough time to do it. You can solve this headache by using cutting-edge automation software to make it easier for yourself and your employees.  

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There’s nothing glamorous about burnout!

Digital Process Automation (DPA) is custom software that can eliminate most of the repetitive, rules-based, work that takes so much time to complete. It gives you the precious commodity of time and breathing room to get things done. 

One great feature of DPA is that it works on top of all your existing software. It’s a custom fit, so you don’t have to wait for software updates. 

At DatCom, we use DPA internally to automate processes such as accounting, turning a grueling process into an efficient one. 

See the cure for this headache in the following video. We’ve shared this in the DatCom business briefing before, but the need is evergreen. What you’ll see below is Data Processing Automation in action.

DatCom’s business efficiency services are designed to cure ailing businesses!