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Worker shortage slowing your business down? DatCom’s unique services are here to increase your efficiency and profits with the employees you have, right now.

DatCom is a technology firm that offers unique services to enhance your efficiency in areas you may not have dreamed possible. In addition to our standard technology services, we offer EfficientMe!, which we designed to increase your business’ efficiency by 27% or more.

While other companies may talk about these three services, Only EfficientME! combines them so that you can get a powerful synergistic effect to boost efficiency and profits.

Data Processing Automation

Use Computers to automate repetitive data processing tasks so that you can save time and increase revenue. Why should your employees fill out the same forms over and over when the process can be automated? You can eliminate workplace boredom, increase productivity, and bring vibrance and vitality to your organizational culture.

With our easy and rapid implementation process, you can see an increase in production in about six weeks as you enjoy the benefits of automating your most repetitive data processing tasks. It’s no question that people are more valuable to your business than machines and technology, but most human resources are not being utilized to their full potential. By automating data entry, for example, you can leave your people open to solving more complex problems and operating where your customers want to talk to a real human being.

People make mistakes, especially when they are stuck doing the same boring tasks repeatedly. People are also at their best when they are well-rested, but computers don’t need to sleep. They can work all night and you get to wake up to the finished product in the morning, leaving you and your workers time to make improvements to the automation process and increase efficiency further.

Accuracy is extremely important when you need to meet certain standards of compliance. Why rely on two people to back each other up when one person can review a machine-created document for compliance and the other can focus on an entirely different department?

And the value only increases as you add additional automation to your system. You could see a return on investment of 350% in your first year. You won’t have to worry about slowing production when one of your valuable staff members leaves the company and you’re stuck having to train a new person to do their job. With the savings and profits you’ll be able to hire a more intelligent and experienced problem-solving individual who isn’t just filling a vacancy on your team. Your team will be more engaged as they do the kind of creative and inspiring work that makes humans happy.

Staff Enhancement

Datcom might be a technology firm, but we have a passion for people and personal development. Freeing up your employees with our DPA service allows them to work on increasing individual efficiency for a happier and healthier workplace. Staff Enhancement takes advantage of the time you’ve already saved to develop your valuable human resources.

Using daily personal development training, your people can increase their cognitive abilities, their emotional intelligence, and even their physical health and fitness. It’s both possible and wise for employers to invest in assisting their staff in all areas of human development for a well-rounded team full of powerful individuals who know their own value and can contribute morally and ethically to your organizational culture.

Using technology, we will measure and assess the progress your staff has made and will use the data to make continuous improvements over time. Your staff will see and experience the change as well. Just imagine how your staff will feel when they see their IQ increase by 20 points and the team’s overall efficiency increase by up to 42%!

Business Process Optimization

While staff enhancement improves the individual, Business Process Optimization streamlines all of the processes that go into production at your business. DPA and staff enhancement make it that much easier to see the big picture and make changes for a more profitable future.

Business Process Optimization is usually reserved for big companies with vast resources for mining their own processes for areas of improvement. They can afford to task people with testing certain variables while your small or medium-sized business is doing the best it can from month to month.

But now, with the assistance of technology to analyze the processes your business engages in every day, you can finally afford to find out where you are losing time and money. This will enable you to enjoy the benefits of big-league business strategies and optimization.

Say goodbye to outdated processes, redundancy, errors, and reprocessing, and say hello to reduced costs, increased efficiency, and streamlined operations across all your service levels, making your business more competitive and profitable.

Ultimately, these unique services can even make your business more desirable as a place to work and as a partner for new endeavors that you haven’t even considered.

“Helping People, Processes, and Technology work together – Smarter”

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