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What is Business Process Optimization? 

BPO is an analytical process designed to increase overall efficiency, agility, and profitability. You can do it with the right knowledge and the right method of observing a company’s internal processes.  

But that’s not the only way. 

You can also use technology to help get the job done. Technology assisted BPO is data-driven and allows you to understand and optimize business processes. Not only that, but it allows you to create new processes that are more efficient from the ground up. 

How does that work? 

Software tools can analyze event logs created as your employees complete their tasks. This allows you to visualize what your employees do to get things done. You can then locate bottlenecks and resolve them. Suddenly, you can see the shadow processes that are draining your earnings and do something about it. 
You might be thinking, “That’s all well and good, but it sounds expensive.” It could be, depending on the size of the project, the cost of the tools, and who is doing the analysis. 

How Much Does BPO “Cost?” 

BPO isn’t really “costly” if it’s working properly. When professionals use the right knowledge and tools, the benefits of BPO drastically outweigh the cost of implementation. The whole point is to save time and money. 

Now, there isn’t a perfect way to estimate the cost of optimization for every company. High-level business services require a price estimate for every unique project. However, we can talk about salaries for process optimization professionals. A BPO specialist’s salary could be well over $100,000, according to A manager could be making much more than that. Obviously, there will be other costs involved for the personnel to do their jobs, such as benefits, software, and equipment.   
If you have even one salaried person who is dedicated to process improvement, the impact of their work on profits would have to exceed the cost of their salary. So, we’re talking about an organization that is large enough or profitable enough to field personnel whose sole purpose is to improve processes.  

How can most small businesses ever hope to implement professional BPO skills in their organization?  

EfficientMe is a unique suite of 3 synergistic services where BPO is the knockout punch. We create custom software for your organization to automate repetitive office work. Then, we train your employees to function at a higher level so that they can contribute to overall optimization. It’s our job to  uncover untapped potential profits so that BPO doesn’t cost you anything. This is how small businesses can reap the benefits of high-level BPO, and it really is a game-changer! 

Learn more about EfficientMe, here.