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A lot of service providers will provide new accounts with a two-in-one modem and router device to run their Internet through. The question then is: “Is this device going to work for my small business?” Simply put: no. We will tell you why.

The Modem/Router Combo

ISPs have consolidated the hardware they give new accounts by going to a two-in-one modem/router combo device. While this device is capable for residential customers, commercial customers have some other considerations that they need to consider before using this device. 

The first major consideration is how powerful you need your router to be. You can upgrade your modem if you plan on purchasing more bandwidth, but the router that comes in the two-in-one is a basic device and doesn’t have a lot of the powerful features that most businesses will require, especially if they plan to use the wireless network as a central part of their productivity strategy. 

And why wouldn’t they?

Some of the routers that come with the ISP modem come underpowered. This can cause issues for any business. While most will be dual-band routers that have some semblance of the newest Wi-Fi technology, they may not be able to fully reach across a commercial property, making them effectively worthless.

Let’s look at three other issues that you need to consider if you are looking to use the two-in-one networking device. 

Guest Networks

One of the best ways to keep your business’ data and network secure is by creating guest networks that can help provide bandwidth to guests, Internet of Things devices, and other devices that you don’t want to have access to your core business network. A stand-alone router has much better controls and can allow you to do more to protect your digital assets.

Quality of Service

Being able to optimize what devices get precedence can be the difference between having productivity-sapping bottlenecks and having quality data flow. Stand-alone, business-oriented routers have much better QoS and security options. The more customizable your router is, the more secure and efficient your Wi-Fi will be. 


Speaking of security, having high-end options that can help you control what is allowed on your business’ network is essential to keeping your business free from threats. Most business-oriented routers will have advanced security features, more powerful firewall settings, and more frequently-updated firmware—all of which will immensely help with network security.

Running a small business is hard enough without having to deal with constant technology headaches. Reach out to the DatCom, LLC IT experts at (903) 320-5330 for help getting the technology your business needs in place today.