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Welcome back! So far, we’ve been talking about the value of Data Processing Automation (DPA). We’ve explained how it works and how much value it can bring speed and accuracy to computer-based business processes and thus, more earnings. But the thing we’re most passionate about is what comes next. 

So, what comes next? 

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After Automation: Staff Enhancement

Company growth should entail the growth of its greatest asset: Its people. And that’s why staff enhancement is essential to making the most of business automation. We’ve established that it’s possible to automate 1/3rd of an employee’s day, bringing higher productivity, agility, and profits. But what about helping your employees bring more value to the business? 

Think about it. You invested a lot in hiring your people. You solicited applicants. You trained them in your company’s processes. You onboarded them at a cost to the company. And they chose you, just as much as you chose them. Your upper echelon employees are looking for professional development and personal growth in addition to compensation and benefits. 

But how do you accomplish employee development in a simple, cost-effective way that also produces insightful data so that you can make decisions about where to take your company next? Large corporations pay handsomely for platforms to engage their employees, assess their skills, and cultivate new abilities. Smaller companies usually can’t afford it. The people who work for small businesses aren’t getting as many development opportunities. 

Employees long for Staff Enhancement 

Did you know that most workers feel like their employers are letting them down when it comes to providing training and development resources for their employees? A recent study of more than 1,000 U.S workers reported: 

Employees believe their organization does not provide adequate training for its employees. And 50% of respondents state that their organizations could benefit from providing more training resources and opportunities for their employees. 

People go to college or trade school and learn advanced skills only to enter the workforce and stop learning. Many of us become robots, doing the same routine each day. This inefficient “robot” activity is costing your business $6,600 annually per employee in lost productivity, and it devalues the employee. 

Why should this essential business growth strategy be confined to enterprise corporations when so much of the economy relies on small businesses?  

That’s why it makes sense to bring knowledge sharing through staff enhancement to smaller businesses. This will help curb productivity losses, reduce employee frustration, and improve your bottom line. 

One Provider for Managed IT and Business Acceleration 

Aren’t you tired of keeping up with a myriad of services? It’s simply not efficient for small businesses to rely on a bunch of disintegrated services. 

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A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a natural fit for providing staff development because we’re already plugged into your staff’s daily computer activities. It’s simply smart to use the same platform for skilling up your employees and training them to think like business owners. And the best part is that you don’t have to engage with another company. It’s one place to get business acceleration using a 3-fold synergistic strategy.  

It’s an incredible value that other MSPS don’t offer. 

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DatCom’s services are unique. We use technology and powerful personal development techniques to gain an amazing synergistic effect. Data Process Automation saves time that can be used for Staff Enhancement. Then, we enhance employees with daily micro-masterclasses that are only 10-12 minutes each. We develop the staff members across several key areas so that they add value to your business. Our learning management system allows us to assess, improve, and track your staff’s development and give you the feedback you need to make decisions about the company.  

  • The benefits of this training include: 
  • Increase staff efficiency 42%+. 
  • Employees think like business owners
  • Mentally, spiritually, and physically healthier staff culture 
  • Achieve business objectives more efficiently

It’s time to enhance your employees’ value to your company as they experience tangible professional growth. The result will be a more agile and competitive company with employees who are growing with the company. 

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Datcom’s Business Efficiency services are uniquely designed to help you level up your employees with Staff Enhancement.  

Explore this ground-breaking approach to business acceleration!